A second cycle

Today’s flower is a rose. I wonder how many more different flowers I can find in Mrs Tootlepedal’s garden before winter comes.rose

We had an unexpected morning visit from an old friend who, after a varied career including being a retainer of the late Queen Mother, has found a vocation for being a priest and is currently at a seminary in Los Angeles. We has a cup of coffee and a chat and it is nice to find someone who is so excited about what he doing as he is. When he left, I went to the health centre whereI got the all clear from the nurse for my sting so that was progress.

In the afternoon I went to the Buccleuch Centre to a meeting where the Langholm Moorland Education Project was being considered for an award. My interest was that I had designed and set up a website for them. I hope they get the award because the project officer has done a great deal of work and involved many young people in the project.

We were expecting a B&B visitor so I had to wait for Mrs Tooltepedal to get back from an afternoon’s work but then I was able to go round my usual run in pleasant evening sunshine after what had been a rainy day. I have recently purchased a pair of prescription lensed, photo-chromic, polarised bi-focal cycling glasses (at great expense) and this was an opportunity to put them to the test. They were very satisfactory with glare cut to a minimum. They should work well as the sun drops down in the sky later in the year. Their only drawback is that the polarisation makes it harder to read the bike computer than is ideal but it is small price to pay for being able to see where I am going.

We are busy at present with the B&B which is cheering after a rather slow June and July.

Published by tootlepedal

Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

3 thoughts on “A second cycle

  1. Glad the wasp sting has got the OK from the nurse and that you are having a bit of a run on the B&B at last. The new glasses sound very fancy. It must be a good idea to be able to see where you are going!!!

  2. I hope the LMEP gets the award. I am sure they have an excellent website!
    Glad you have recovered from the sting.

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