Sublime night out

Today’s flower is probably a spirea Mrs Tootlepedal saysspirea

It was a day of business and pleasure today. Mrs Tootlepedal spent the early part of the morning getting ready for tonight’s  visitors, while I wisely did not get under her feet.  This is a skill I have almost perfected over the years when she is working.cake I did however have the privilege of making a set of dainty cakes (under supervision) for the visitors. For a first effort, it came out very well and Mrs Tootlepedal added the icing which, of course, made it perfect.

After this excitement, we went outside to do some shredding. As well as shrubby cuttings, we put  remaining compost from last year through as well. It had got rather dry and was composting very slowly. Combined with the green stuff from the shrubs, it should move on well. Pleased with how this had gone, we added some very lumpy semi composted moss from last year and this went through well. It will be interesting to see the results in another month.

Mrs Tootlepedal then spent the afternoon in good works with two other volunteers, first helping to tend to a flower bed at the entrance to the town and then watering  the approximately 80 hanging baskets in the High Street. I was waiting for our visitors who turned out not only to be cyclists going for a run tomorrow but also music lovers going to the same show this evening at the Buccleuch Centre as us. Obviously our sort of customers.

The show in question was the visit of Aly Bain and Phil Cunningham to Langholm. They are frequent visitors to the Buccleuch Centre and they are always welcome as the packed house tonight showed. Their show is a wonderful combination of good jokes, some of them venerable antiques, and magical music. If any of the readers of this blog have not heard them play and enjoy traditional music played brilliantly, then I would consider that their life is a little bit duller than it should have been. You can see then at but it doesn’t really show what they are like in person. They create such an atmosphere of good will that you can easily believe that they are playing just for you. As one of our visitors said, it is almost as though the audience feels that they own a bit of Phil and Aly. ….and all this is only 200m away from our back door and with comfortable seats and the music played at a very sensible volume through good speakers. Life holds no more.

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4 thoughts on “Sublime night out

  1. Hope you enjoyed Phil and Aly. We were a little bit sad that we would be missing them but never mind there is always next year.

  2. I watched the clip on youtube and enjoyed it even through my little speakers. Glad you had such a good evening and that your visitors had come especially to hear them.

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