Girdle scones

Today’s picture is a sign of spring from the garden. You may be able to see from the blue label beside these early crocuses that Mrs Tootlepedal expects them to flower in early March so, in spite of the cold winter, we may not be behind in the growing season.crocus

Both Dropscone and Chuck were busy today so I went out in near perfect conditions by myself for a morning ride o to Grange Quarry on the Lockerbie road and back. It was lucky that I was by myself because the legs were not in cycling mood at all and it took me two hours to do the twenty miles which is at least twenty minutes longer than I would normally hope to take, even on my slow bike.  As a result I was happy to stop for a moment when I was grinding up Callister to take this picture with my little camera of another beautiful valley. This is the road to Winterhope reservoir.


Whatever was slowing me down had disappeared by the end of the day when I felt very perky.  This may have had something to do with the beautiful sunshine that developed by lunchtime.

Dropscone dropped round after my ride with some messages for me and he had a cup of coffee and then gave me a master class in girdle scone making for my Heritage Trail committee meeting in the afternoon. The results were very good and I had to have several to test if they were OK.

Four ready and four cooking.

The meeting went well, as did the scones, and I remarked afterwards that I really must get down to some serious work on the DVD, Seeing as the deadline is looming ever nearer, this time I had better actually do it as well as saying I am going to do it. While I was at the meeting, Mrs Tootlepedal was carrying on with the massive task of getting the garden ready for the new season.

There is a children’s booklet to go with the heritage trail and I did some work for that. The meeting and the very slow cycling had cut down my opportunities for peering at birds and I missed the best of the sunlight but as a consolation, I found this little creature in the pond.


There is some frog spawn there too which is very very early and my frog spawn expert (Dr Tinker) tells me that the white dots on the top of the spawn are a very bad sign.


I did see a bird or two…

A brambling basking in the sun

A chaffinch has found a discarded sunflower seed

After taking these two photos, I went to the Archive Centre to copy some discs of hen harriers for the Moorland Project.  Then I cooked a lamb stew for my tea with dumplings. You can’t go far wrong with a lamb stew.

After tea, I went with Adrian, our winter B & B guest, to the bowling club for an hour of slot car racing which we both enjoyed a lot.

On my return, I put a week of the E&L into the database and felt that I had had an infinitely better day today than yesterday (which wasn’t too hard).

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

4 thoughts on “Girdle scones

  1. Mikado to you! So glad you had a good day as well as taking some lovely pictures. Hope today goes even better.

  2. Mmmmmm — any chance of Dropscone giving me his recipe for girdle scones – they do look very appetising.

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