Brunch in the city

Today’s picture shows a fine iron bridge over the Kelvin in Glasgow.

kelvin bridge

The chief business of the day was a trip to Glasgow to take Alistair and Clare home and see the new kitchen and bathroom in their flat. We started with a visit to our local bottle bank.

bottle bank
It takes three to do the work after another hard night at Wauchope Cottage

The drive to Glasgow was uneventful until I decided to take the new M74 extension along the south of the city. Al and Clare’s flat is just over the Kingston Bridge on the north side of the river and he did warn me that it might not be possible to get onto the east bound M8 from the new motorway. I should have listened as it turned out that you can’t so we had to go further on and then turn back to cross the river. Still it was nice to use a road that has cost us all so much money.

The new kitchen and bathroom were very fine.

Mrs Tootlepedal being entertained in the kitchen.

We went for brunch at a nearby restaurant and after a good meal we returned to the flat by the scenic route, visiting this community garden on our way.


It seems to be on the site of a demolished building and a lot of work has gone into it.

Back at the flat, we paused for a cup of tea and then, having loaded some unwanted rubbish into the car, we headed home. We couldn’t use the new M74 extension on the way back so had to return by our customary M8/M73/M74 route. We nipped along to ensure that we could visit the dump at Corsehill on our way home to get rid of the rubbish and save an extra journey.

We got home without further incident and I took the camera out into the garden to see if anything had happened while I was away. Nothing much had changed.

The tomatoes are taking their time ripening but my single plant has a good crop on it.
cosmos old and young
Two stages of the same cosmos
wide cosmos
They really are doing well this year
So are the petunias
petunia (2)
..and another

The Sweet Williams keep on flowering. They have been joined by recently planted nasturtiums in places.

nasturtium sweet william

The tall delphiniums are all over and have been cut back but some of the smaller side shoots still have life in them.

delphinium side shoot

I couldn’t help myself and my camera finger twitched involuntarily as I passed the Rosa Wrenn.

rosa wrenn

I did find two new flowers too.

clematis (5)
Yet another clematis is out
This tiny knautia should be the first of many

There has been quite a bit of discussion about what this next plant is and Mrs Tootlepedal has finally come down on it being a sedum. I am hoping to see butterflies on it soon. I like the contrasting blue tips it produces.


I didn’t have much time to look at thebirds but I noticed this young starling inside the fat ball fortress. We hope it doesn’t eat so much that it can’t get out again. I took these two pictures in the morning before we went to Glasgow.

starling inside

There were the usual crowds of sparrows about.

several sparrows

It looks as though the rain will be back tomorrow but the last few days of lovely weather will make up for a few wet days to come.

I will update the cycling page today as it is the last day of the month. It has been a very good month for cycling with very few days missed. All in all, I am feeling very cheerful just now.

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7 thoughts on “Brunch in the city

  1. Alistair and Clare’s flat looks lovely but I still think they would be better living in Edinburgh as per our discussion on Summer Fair Night in our house. I can however understand their reluctance to move after making such a good job of the flat improvements but 3 hours a day less travel time would make a lot of difference to their quality of life.

  2. Glad you are feeling jolly and that the day went well. What a splendid tomato plant even if only ripening slowly. In my memory I can sniff that gorgeous smell emenating from freshly picked glasshouse tomatoes!

  3. I love the photo of the Rosa Wrenn. Have you and Alison ever been to the Lodge Grounds in North Berwick? I will drop a leaflet into you soon – the grounds have a Victorian Rockery created with stone compartments – one of a very few left in the country.

  4. The kitchen looks splendid. So does your tomato plant.
    Glad you have had such a successful cycling month

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