Birthday bash

Today’s guest picture, sent to me by Dropscone, shows the flood on the road south to Carlisle that our bus had to get through to deliver us safely to the train yesterday.

A 7 flood

After yesterday’s experience of trying out the free Wi-fi in the hotel, I put my hand in my pocket and paid for a faster connection today.  It worked a lot better.

We are in London to celebrate Susan, my eldest sister’s eightieth birthday and we had a coffee with her and Mary, my middle sister when we arrived in London.  The family had turned out in force and Mary took this picture of my younger son and me while we were having our coffee.

Me and Alistair

My older son meanwhile had met A P McCoy, one of his heroes, while walking along the street and had his photograph taken with him as one does.

A P McCoy

We went on to have an excellent tapas meal with assorted young members of the extended family at a restaurant near to our hotel before passing through the colourfully lit Kings Cross Station….

kings cross

…on our way back to the hotel to get ready for the big day.

The weather this morning was kind and after breakfast with my nephew Dan at the ornate  St Pancras Station…..

St Pancras

…Mrs Tootlepedal,  Dan and I visited the nearby London Canal Museum  while we had some time to spare before the party.   This museum had been recommended to me by my sister Susan and had featured on her own blog a few weeks ago.  It is situated on a basin of the Regent’s canal.

canal basin

A cormorant was resting there

The museum was very interesting and had several historic pictures of a grim and derelict appearance which were obviously of scenes from many years ago but which turned out to have been taken well into my own lifetime.

The party took the form of an extended lunch in a pub attached to St Pancras Station and there was a good deal of snapping going on while we ate.  I hope to have some good pictures taken by others to show in the course of time but here are a few of mine meanwhile.

Susan and cake
The birthday girl failing to blow out the candles on her cake by some distance.
The younger generation
Susan’s many nephews and sole niece
The group of those whose lives have been immeasurably enriched by becoming entangled with our family….and who have immeasurable enriched our lives in the process.

After a fine meal, we left St Pancras, passed Kings Cross….

Kings Cross
A superbly simple but elegant facade

…and went back for a little lie down to recover.

In the evening, a small party of us went to the cinema to see Grand Budapest Hotel, a Wes Anderson movie of great charm and that rounded off a good day (apart from the absence of any flying birds).




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15 thoughts on “Birthday bash

  1. Well, I think you could have used a better picture of your old sister. Also you paltered with the truth when you said I had trouble with candles on Annabel’s excellent cake, I blew them out first time, no trouble at all!

  2. Happy Birthday to your sister Susan from a fellow blogging Susan in California! It looks like you have a wonderful family. Best wishes on a fine day! ~SueBee

  3. Happy Birthday Susan! Wonderful for you to have so many family members to celebrate your birthday.

    Tootlepedal: have you ever worked your photoshop magic on a photo of you and your younger son? Remove his hair, replace it with yours . . . a peek at his future!?

  4. I must also give Pat full credit to contributing to the cake so can’t take all the glory myself. What a nice family (and friends!)

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