A low key day

Misty Walk

Today’s guest picture is a misty view from one of her morning walks captured by my neighbour Liz on her phone.

Misty Walk

We had a second sparklingly cold day today but the sun’s radiance was darkened by the fact that Mrs Tootlepedal woke with such a streaming cold that, after getting up for breakfast, she had to retire to bed for the rest of the day.

This was doubly unfortunate as she had been going to come with me to sing with our choir as a tribute for a friend, a Carlisle choir member, who had recently died and whose funeral it was today.

As it was, I had time to fill the feeders and look out of the window.  The day was bright but the feeder outside the kitchen window sits in the shade for much of the morning at this time of year so although it was busy, the contrast with the bright light on the garden behind meant that it didn’t offer much to photograph.

bird silhouette

bird silhouette

Those who are not camera users may be surprised at how much more the camera sees than it tells you though.  Take the next picture…..

….this is what the camera told me it saw….

feeder in darkness

…but a run through the editor showed me that it saw more colour than it was letting on.

busy feeder

Still not brilliant but a bit more interesting.

The sun does strike the plum tree though so the camera could see a brambling quite clearly.


I didn’t have long to watch the birds though and leaving Mrs Tootlepedal nursing a cup of coffee, I drove down to Dalston where our friend lived.  I was a little early so I walked along the path to the river.

A couple of things caught my eye.

tree at Dalston
The low sun picked out the decorative bark on this tree
Dalston Bridge
And the bridge across the river had picked up a lot of debris in the recent floods

The village hall at Dalston was packed with friends of Jenny for the gathering after her funeral.  She had been a member of the local ladies choir too and they were there to sing in her memory as well.  She had been a woman of many talents, artist, bell ringer, singer, cyclist, environmentalist, naturalist and a good friend to many.  Her loss was keenly felt by all who knew her.

She gave us some wild flowers from her garden late last summer and we hope that they will thrive this year in our garden as a living memorial to her.

Mrs Tootlepedal was still quite poorly when I got home but a small whisky toddy with honey and lemon revived her enough so that she could face a slice of toast and marmite later in the evening.

We hope for the best for tomorrow.

A flying bird of a sort, courtesy of the photo editor, appeared out of the morning shadows.

flying chaffinch


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33 thoughts on “A low key day

  1. All the best to Mrs. T – as we are ourselves just recovering from a nasty cold – even if it hasn’t been outright winter up to now.

  2. I think I remember you mentioning getting some wild flowers for your lawn from a friend. I am sorry you have lost a friend. I also hope Mrs T recovers very soon. The FBotD is very nice.

  3. Marmite and not your marmalade? (I think that, faced with Marmite, I would likely have a relapse .) Hope Mrs. T. recovers quickly and doesn’t share it with anyone else in the house!

  4. My very best wishes to the indomitable Mrs T Your blog brings sunshine to my life, each day. I often take it for granted? like most of life’s treasures.I realise it is a labour of love. for that I thank you, and indeed those you love.

  5. Very sorry Mrs Tootlepedal is feeling so unwell. Do hope she will soon be feeling better.
    Also very sorry to hear of the death of your friend.

  6. Here’s hoping Mrs. T is feeling more fit today. I have been ill myself for a week. A visit to the doctor and some antibiotic and I am on the mend. It certainly is not fun to be so sick! I’m very sorry about the loss of your friend and choir member. May her contribution to your garden continue to add beauty to your life.

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