A profitable morning

Newlands beck bridge

Today’s guest picture comes from my neighbour Gavin who was in the Lake District when he came across this newly renovated bridge over the Newlands Beck and knowing that I like a good bridge, he sent me the picture.

Newlands beck bridge

It was a very gloomy day when we woke up but at least it wasn’t raining as had been forecast and after breakfast, I had a walk round the garden to check on what flowers yesterday’s frost had spared.

The marigolds are battered but not entirely beaten down
Special Grandma
Amazingly the Special Grandma had survived being iced
white flowers
Other flowers were just hanging on and no more

Then Mrs Tootlepedal came up with me in the car to help fill the Moorland Feeders for Sandy who is away on holiday.

The feeder site was very lively with birds whizzing about in every direction so we spent a little time in the hide enjoying the activity.  As usual there were lots of pheasants about.


There were blue tits and a robin….

blue tit and robin

…and dozens of chaffinches and some coal tits too.

chaffinch and coal tit

There were no unusual visitors to be seen and we only got one good look at a woodpecker…

greater spotted woodpecker

…just before we left.

There was a surprising amount of autumn colour left along the road beside the river but as it was drizzling gently by this point, we didn’t stop to look more closely at it.

We did stop though when we came to the garage to make an appointment to get winter tyres put on our car.  This should mean that the weather stays mild and dry for several weeks we hope.

When we got home, the chief business of the morning was exploring the possibility of changing our house insurance and such is the oddity of the way the world is organised these days that we were able to save several hundred pounds by changing to a different supplier offering exactly the same coverage.  Obviously, we should have changed years ago.  How these varying business models work is a mystery to me.

After lunch, it got even more gloomy and when Mrs Tootlepedal went off to Edinburgh to visit Matilda, I stayed inside and put a week of the newspaper index into the Archive Group’s database, caught up on some business and made a batch of delicious apple fritters.

In the evening, Susan drove me to Carlisle where we enjoyed an evening of very satisfying music making with our recorder group.

The flower of the day is one of the few surviving poppies…


…and the flying bird is a very poor quality chaffinch seen through the murk.

flying chaffinch

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17 thoughts on “A profitable morning

  1. I’m glad so many flowers survived, especially the poppies. Some might have been saved by the ice. It’s common for orange growers to spray water on the trees to coat them in ice, because it keeps them from being damaged by the cold. It sounds strange but it does work.
    The pheasant is beautiful, and the bridge renovators did an excellent job of it.

  2. I am also happy that so many flowers survived the frost, and it’s always a pleasure to see the birds at the feeder station.

    I think that the business model for insurance companies is to offer you a lower rate to switch, then steadily increase your rates after that until you are paying what you previously paid.

  3. I have found it well worth querying the Insurance renewal premium before paying up.
    Enjoyed the pictures of the birds in their variety of colours.

  4. One is always being told to query insurance prices I got mine down by 20% just by asking. The apple fritters sound delicious I wish I had been there.

  5. Insurance is a mystery to me; all I know is whenever we decide to explore changing we always find it best to stay and when disaster has struck they’ve done what was expected.

    1. On this occasion it was a correct decision to overcome my usual inertia though I hope that I never have need to test the quality of the cover.

  6. Beautiful colours on the pheasant and that trooper of a poppy is a real star. Like the guest photo too. If you are an AA member always phone up and threaten to cancel, say you are a very ancient senior citizen and hardly ever go on long journeys – they beg you to stay and reduce the premium every year…it’s bizarre…they’ll be paying us soon!

    1. Just some plain flour and water batter (with some white of egg folded in) and then slices of apple coated in the batter and fried in hot oil. We dust them with castor sugar to round them off.

  7. The Grandma rose looks wonderful. Some plants seem to tolerate frost better than others, and Allen is correct about ice being a cryoprotectant in weather expected to go below 32. The ice acts as an insulator.

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