Not winning yet

I did manage a guest picture today, courtesy of my brother who has been exploring the paths near his new house on the edge of Derby.


It was minus five degrees C overnight and still pretty cold in the morning so i thought it best to retire back to bed for the day after breakfast.  I could see a sunny hill out of one of the bedroom windows….


…but a frozen front lawn out of the other so although I would have enjoyed a walk, it wouldn’t have done my chest any good at all.


I came down for a light lunch and an even lighter evening meal and then lay about on the sofa for a while watching the telly before retiring again.  I am not yet very optimistic about being back on my feet again and the non flying bird of the day shares my concern.


I would like to thank all the kind commenters who have sent their good wishes and apologise to the  blog writers whose excellent posts I am failing to read at the moment.  My brain isn’t working very well at the moment and I couldn’t do them justice even if I did read them.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

19 thoughts on “Not winning yet

  1. I am glad you are taking care of yourself and urge you to get enough water to drink as well as rest. I too have been feeling terrible lately, and yet I make myself get up if only to make sure the fire is still on and to get enough water, or else dehydration can make me more ill than anything else and worsens anything I may have–best wishes for you feeling much better soon. Lovely phoots, by the way–

  2. As always, you need to take care of yourself. Hope you feel better very soon. My brain doesn’t work very well when I don’t feel well either, or when it’s very cold or very hot. (I guess I’m a temperate person.)
    The weather warmed up quite a bit where I live (across the pond), but I still wasn’t out for long today. It just didn’t seem like a good day for me to be out.

  3. Stay in, get well and take more pictures of quizzical chaffinches. That’s enough for the present – you can stun us with your dazzling wit when you’ve recovered properly.

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