Going nowhere

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother Andrew who visited a garden in the sky on the roof of the Birmingham Library.

Birmingham library rooftop garden

Sadly my sore foot decided that the return of Mrs Tootlepedal was an excuse to stop working altogether and I was reduced to hobbling around for most of the day which was very annoying.  On the more cheerful side, we were visited by Dropscone for coffee and scones in the morning and Mike Tinker for tea and biscuits in the afternoon so socially it was quite a bright day.

As I seem to be catching a cold too, I spent a lot of time doing nothing in particular but doing it very well of course. There were plenty of birds to watch.

A greenfinch put on its lost threatening face in an attempt to dislodge a goldfinch…

greenfinch threatening goldfinch

…and having dislodged the sitting tenant, it imperiously took up its place on the perch…

greenfinch on perch

…and gave any other pretenders a hard stare.

greenfinch staring out chaffinch

(In the best traditions of wild life TV programmes, different greenfinches may have been involved in the creation of this story line.)

Chaffinches approached vacant perches with care…

two chaffinches landing

…but some chaffinches are so habituated to arguing that they can’t resist an aggressive approach even if no-one else is there.

chaffinch shouting at perch

At times there was a positive whirlwind of birds…

loads of chaffinches

…and at other it was  peaceful enough for the arrival of a second bird to come as a shock to the incumbent.

chaffinch surprised

Although I was watching the birds, the birds found plenty to look at too.

greenfinch on pole

Sparrows are more handsome than you might think when they settle down for a moment.  This one was making sure that I was noticing him.

sparrow posing on feeder

On the other hand, this goldfinch had other things to think about than posing for me.

goldfinch on pole

I made one brief excursion round the garden to while away the hours conferring with the flowers and discovered that Mrs Tootlepedal has planted out a recent purchase.  It is a doronicum or leopard’s-bane and it seems to be settling in.


We haven’t got many scillas out yet but the ones that are out are doing their best to add a little colour to the garden…

scilla in back bed

…and the clumps of daffodils are beginning to fill out too.

daffodils under feederdaffodil clump

Mrs Tootlepedal tells me that the Rip van Winkle daffodils are noted for retaining moisture which makes their heads hang down.  As a result they get splashed when it rains as these ones have, but the forecast is a bit better for a while so they should look up a bit.

rip van wnkle daffodil

A day of heavy resting has eased my foot off as I write this so I hope to be a bit more mobile tomorrow, ready to greet the Spring equinox with a sunny smile.  (On researching, I find that it will arrive at 21.58 tomorrow.  This came as surprise to me as I didn’t realise that it was an event timed to the minute like that.)

I am suffering from a severe lack of exercise in March, having only cycled 20 miles and hardly walked at all.  I have a doctor’s appointment but it is not for eight days so I will have to wait patiently.  Fortunately my capacity for endless mumphing and moaning has not been affected in the slightest so I am never short of something to do.

Another female chaffinch is the flying bird of the day today.

flying chaffinch


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25 thoughts on “Going nowhere

  1. Your photos of the birds are amazing! I love how you captured them in action. The flowers are beautiful also. Thanks for posting them 🙂

  2. It’s great to see the flowers, as always. The garden is shouting spring.
    I hope the cold is just a sniffle and I hope the rest did the foot some good.
    Spring begins at 5:58 pm here and I can’t think of anything that would make me happier.

  3. I’m sorry that your foot is hurting again, but on the other hand I love the photos of the birds and the flowers that you saw while you were staying home. Spring Equinox will arrive at 2:58 p.m. where I live. I’m looking forward to the new season.

  4. So sorry about your sore foot and your incipient cold, glad the rest did your foot good and thanks for all those bird pictures especially the alert looking flying bird of the day.

  5. Glad you have a doctor’s appointment for the foot – it must be very frustrating not being able to get out and about in your usual energetic way.

  6. We are so fortunate to have all these little birds to look at and enjoy and your photos just capture their lives so well. Seeing their feet clinging on to the feeders and all their feathers in flight…amazing. Spring has really arrived in your garden. I like the new plant.

  7. I see Mrs T knows all about Rip Van Winkle and it’s water retaining trick! I am sorry you have to wait for so long for a doctor’s appointment. I usually find I’m feeling better before I get to see my GP after the usual three week wait we have here. I enjoyed the bird photos and the grumpy greenfinch made me smile.

  8. The waiting for a doctor’s appointment is frustrating. I hope you can get a good diagnosis and solution in eight days. I am still wondering if it could be plantar fasciitis.

    The garden is looking grand.

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