Today’s guest picture comes from ex archive group member Ken. He was on a walk near Rothbury, when he saw a sign on a gate that, if it is genuine, must have been there for some years, he reckons.

It was a wet and miserable day all day here today. I made an early decision to stay indoors and do nothing, and I stuck to it.

Rather annoyingly, it was a bit warmer than it has been lately but that still did not tempt me to go out any further than the bird feeder to fill it up.

Perhaps I shouldn’t have filled the feeder because we got another fatal visit from the sparrowhawk. He spent quite a bit of time on the lawn making us feel bad about his innocent victim.

He does take a good picture though. (I think that it is an adult male.)

And he knows it.

After his meal, he flew up on to the plum tree to do some cleaning up…

…and then flew off, leaving the garden empty of birds.

They didn’t return during the rest of the day in any numbers, and whether that was because of the hawk or the rain, I couldn’t say.

More because of the damp gloominess of the day than the cold, I lit a cheerful fire in the front room and pottered about there doing some singing of choir songs and playing duets on my flute with the computer.

I had so much time to waste that I put a picture of Skippers Bridge into Lightroom and came out with this.

You could waste a lot of time playing with pictures.

For want of exterior shots, I took some indoor pictures. Mrs Tootlepedal brought in a cosmos to save it from the weather.

Our neighbour Liz’s daughter-in-law Christine is a provider of architectural services and among these services, she offers hand painted pictures of your house. We asked her to do one for us and this is the result.

We think that it is wonderful.

I also took a picture of Mrs Tootlepedal’s latest crochet blanket. Thanks to assiduous following of cycling’s Grand Tours, she has finished it in quick time.

And that was the excitement for the day. The fire was so successful in the front room that I can hardly stand the heat. As soon as I have finished this post, I will leave and go into the kitchen.

The sparrowhawk winds up business with a close up of its beady eye…

…and a guest appearance as slightly fuzzy flying bird of the day.

Footnote: We are offered better weather tomorrow so perhaps there will be a more interesting post.

Published by tootlepedal

Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

36 thoughts on “Indoors

  1. I liked all your pictures today even if the sparrow hawk was using your birds to feed on.The fancy image of Skipper’s Bridge was a sight to behold.

  2. This is indeed an interesting post with those beautiful images of the fabulous sparrowhawk. The colours alone are quite stunning but that yellow eye is captivating.

  3. Seeing a sparrow hawk so close up is a rare sight,it is indeed a fearsome looking predator,but we all have to eat,so I think nature can spare it the odd sparrow or two😩
    Mrs T’s crochet work is superb,the colours are amazingly vibrant 😃

  4. Excellent shots of the sparrow hawk!
    The architectural drawing of the house is something to be treasured enough to pass down from owner to owner.
    I wouldn’t say the time spent on the bridge photo was wasted. It looks like a store bought postcard.

  5. I hope you’re going to have to drawing of Wauchope Cottage framed; it’s lovely and will display very well in your home. My friend Lucie misses a wood fire desperately and will no doubt be tormented by the shot of the fire that makes the cottage so snug.

    The manipulated photo of Skippers Bridge does indeed look like a postcard – it would surely sell well at your corner shop!

  6. I agree with Laurie – plenty of creativity within the confines of your home. Have you cropped out the victim of the sparrowhawk for the sake of your ‘sensitive viewers’? Despite its proclivity to eat a bird or two in your garden, this is actually a marvellous opportunity to see nature ‘in action’. It is a very handsome looking bird!

  7. The drawing of your house is lovely, and I enjoyed seeing Mrs. T.’s fine crocheted blanket. Perhaps she will share some photos of her embroidery again, too.

    Your sparrow hawk is a beautiful but deadly visitor. He has learned that shopping at a busy feeder will generally reward him with a meal.

  8. Good to be indoors whilst it’s cold and wet outside. Your photos brought cheer to the day with the excellent drawing of your house, the colourful crochet blanket and the photoshopped Skippers Bridge. Brilliant shots of the sparrow hawk top the lot though! Batten down the hatches tonight!

  9. An excellent post, Tom! I loved the painting of your house, Mrs T’s blanket, your photo of Skipper’s Bridge, the arty cosmos and those wonderful shots of the sparrowhawk.

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