Pedal and tootle day

A pleasant morning ride with Dennis in spite of a strongish wind. It is never too bad when the wind is blowing you home at the end of the ride. Mrs Tootlepedal had picked some strawberries from a friend’s garden who is in Glasgow having a knee operation so I made two jars (and a bit) of strawberry jam, one for her and one for us.

The first jam of the year
This is the first jam of the season and that is a red letter day. We are still eating last year’s blackcurrant jam and gooseberry jam.

I had a peaceful interval in the afternoon, whiling away the time in the tourist information office at the Kilngreen. A few visitors but not many.

After that, it was home for tea and a glimpse of Andy Murray going downhill fast and then off to pick up Susan my tootling companion ( daughter of my cycling companion) and off to Lanercost Priory where we were playing at a Brampton Choir concert as the light relief. We had to play some Michael East trios with very little (one) practice because of medical emergencies for our fourth player but all went very well considering, although there were two tiny breakdowns.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

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