Playing around

Today’s flower is a chive


I went with my golfing partner Arthur to Peebles today to play in a 6 man team competition. We got there in plenty of time after a pleasant drive along the beautiful Tweed valley and enjoyed a bacon roll and a cup of coffee before we started. I was very nervous because I haven’t played in a competition away from Langholm since 2006 and I thought there was every chance of making quite a big fool of myself. However, because of our advanced age and general infirmities, the organisers allowed us to hire a buggy and play in the same threeball. The benefits of not having to lug the clubs round as you play were enormous and I not only played quite well but I didn’t finish a round of golf absolutely exhausted for the first time in many years. The sun came out, there was little wind, the company was good, the course was in tip top condition for late September and only a recalcitrant bunker at the sixteenth spoiled the day at all.  We didn’t win the competition but Arthur and I were by no means the worst of our group so we drove home in great contentment.

diggingWhile I was away enjoying myself, Mrs Tootlepeadal had been doing great works in the garden and I got home to find that she had finally finished clearing out the bed on front of our pond. Into this she dug a bag of the farm manure we got yesterday so it should be in good condition for the new planting.


On the 5th September I featured a climbing nasturtium as flower of the day but since then it has really come on magnificently and I show it as it is today. Unfortunately I haven’t quite managed to get the camera setting sorted out to show red flowers at their best but the picture does give some idea of the charm of these tiny nasturtium blossoms.

I have discovered that the gearing on my Orange bike which I recently got back from the menders doesn’t work as it should. I can only access nine of the fourteen gears so it looks as though it will have to go back to the shop again. As a result of this problem, I took the road bike for a quick ten miles after I got back from Peebles. It was another of those west windy days with a 12mph outward five miles and a 20mph whizz back down the hill.

coal titWe bought some niger seed at the garden centre yesterday and I have put it out to see if it attracts different visitors to the feeders. Ironically two new coal tits were in the garden this afternoon but not feeding on the new seeds. coal titI grabbed a couple of quick shots of them but the light was rather low and they are not great pictures. I hope to improve on them if they return to feed.

The day was rounded off by a scrumptious dish of raspberries. They are continuing to fruit well.

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2 thoughts on “Playing around

  1. Great news about the enjoyable and successful golf round.
    Enjoyed the nasturtiums picture.

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