Computer headache

Today’s flower is a wonderful bunch of Michaelmas daisies taken a day or two ago and maybe in danger of a sharp frost forecast for tonightdaisies

Dropscone was playing golf today and as my hip was not in condition to allow me to play, I went off on the bike by myself. Once again, the wind was light although I had to wait for some morning rain to clear before I went. This was contrary to the BBC forecast which is unusual as they are very good for the most part. Even as I looked at the forecast on the computer at 10am while the rain came down, it claimed that we were actually enjoying unbroken sunshine.

However, I went off and bearing in mind that the side roads might well have hedge clippings on them and seeing that it was a weekend, I stuck to main roads. I went down to Longtown and off on the Brampton road until I had done 16 miles. At this point, I turned round and went back again. With the advantage of the light wind behind and a slight downhill gradient most of the way, I managed 17 mph for the first 22 miles. The last ten miles back home were slightly slower but the whole journey went at 16.5 mph which was not bad with a sore hip.

In the afternoon Mrs Tootlepedal went off to the AGM of the local Embroiderers’ Guild and I battled with installing a new wireless router for our computers. The need for this has been occasioned by plans for new flooring in the hall. Mrs Tootlepedal has rightly decided that light green carpet is not the best for a place where dirty feet are often in evidence. We are going to replace it with serviceable vinyl flooring. This means that the 10m Ethernet cable from the old router to my computer has to go too. The new router is needed as it has a more powerful signal and will reach my computer without needing a wire.

The headaches came when I had set the router up successfully via a cable but when I took the cable out and tried to connect wirelessly, nothing happened. It took me all afternoon to work out that whatever I did, nothing was going to happen. In the end I borrowed a dongle from the Archive Group and that did the trick. I shall have to buy my own dongle now.

In the evening we went out to a concert at the Buccleuch Centre by a guitarist/singer called Martin Simpson. He was a good singer of committed left wing folk songs, traditional ballads and his own songs and a fantastic guitarist. The only trouble with the concert, which was very enjoyable, was that it was rather the same in feel throughout. There was not much to bring a smile or make you tap your toes.

The cold weather will reveal soon enough whether the bubble wrap I have put round the wormery in the garage will protect the poor worms. They are doing a very good job chomping the food waste at present so I hope they survive

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2 thoughts on “Computer headache

  1. Good luck to the worms! Hope your hip soon is on the mend and well done fitting the dongle, I shall have to google that word!

  2. Very sorry your hip is preventing you from playing golf but glad you are able to keep up the bicyling.
    Enjoyed the michaelmas daisies.

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