Starling surprise

It was a very grey day here today and not good for photographs so I was pleased to get a second picture from Dylan in Edinburgh. This time it came without a wire but with a swan.Forth Bridge

He took this with his phone. I don’t know why I bothered to buy a camera at all.

We had no chance to see the partial eclipse today with the weather being so cloudy but we may not have been able to see it anyway because of the surrounding hills. This was not all bad as the warm, wet weather means that the ice has gone even from the side roads in the town by and large and I was able to cycle up to the High Street to do my shopping for the first time for ages. We had had a bit of a lie in because we had no visitor to get up for and the morning slipped away for me  (Mrs Tootlepedal was preparing for our next visitor) before  I noticed. In the afternoon we went on an excursion to buy some birdfood because John hadn’t been able to get any for our corner shop.

On our way back we called at the Gretna Gateway to see what M&S had over ordered and I bought some socks and a new pair of pyjamas at a very reasonable price. Since we were at Gretna anyway, we went up the road a bit to see the starlings.

We had heard that numbers were down this year but we couldn’t see any at all from our usual viewing points so we turned and headed for home rather despondently because we love to see them. However, not far from Springfield, we saw the starlings in a different place from last year. There seemed to be a good number of them and they were wonderful to watch as usual. I didn’t have a camera with me but the weather was too gloomy to get a decent shot so it didn’t matter. Now we know where to look, we will be back at the first opportunity.

I was only able to get a few bird shots in the morning. The feeders were very busy, even busier than they had been in the very cold spell and the birds were fighting to get on a feeder.


I put some seed out on the ground to give more birds a chance and this was eagerly seized upon, particularly by chaffinches and blackbirds. You can see the raindrops on the backs of the birds.


The siskins and the redpolls seem to be the most aggressive claimers of perching rights.

siskin and redpoll

carpetOver the past few days, Mrs Tootlepedal has been making a curtain to go behind the front door to continue our war on draughts. It is a very elaborate construction made of velvet with two layers of lining. It is just for the winter weather so we should be able to take it down for a couple of weeks in August with a bit of luck.

In the evening, I went to Carlisle for a tootle. Susan couldn’t come as she was busy at work. Sue had come back from Christmas in America and Canada so we were five and played a good range of music. I played very badly all evening but I enjoyed it all the same. We had Jaffa cakes with our cup of tea afterwards and that rounded of the day very nicely.





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5 thoughts on “Starling surprise

  1. Perhaps the birdsare like you, better able to get around in the warmer weather?

    Glad the snow/ice has gone even if only temporarily, happy cycling.

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