Back to the usual routine

Today’s picture is of our end to end cycling guests. They will appear on the cycling page but they get a special mention here as they are spending their honeymoon cycling 1000 miles together.  They remained very cheerful in spite of the wet weather.

Scott and Cat

Dropscone and I felt quite cheerful in spite of the rain too and we decided to have a very gentle pedal round the morning run. I got myself well wrapped up and hoped that my back, which was much improved after a night’s rest, would stand up to a longer pedal. In fact, in spite of the rain which came down for most of the outing,  I enjoyed myself very much pedalling along well within my limits.  Sometimes when you are trying hard on the bike, you forget what a pleasurable way of getting around bicycling is but today, at our gentle pace, it was pure delight.

We were so wet that we had to adjourn for a shower and a change of clothes before we got down to eating the scones and drinking the coffee. We tried some of my freshly made plum jam but discovered that it was far from properly set and later in the day, I gave it a second boiling to see if that would rectify matters. We won’t know until tomorrow.

I had the camera out when I noticed this blue tit on the feeder. Usually blue tits are rather flighty but this one sat quietly for several portraits. I chose this one.

blue tit

I had the camera out to see if I could take a picture that does justice to the mass of little pinpoints of colour that make up a sedum head. I find it hard to get exactly the result that I am looking for but here’s a work in progress.

sedum head

The rain stopped after lunch but my back was still rather stiff so I wasn’t anxious to do anything that would annoy it more, such as mowing the lawns, which is much needed.  Instead, I went off to Carlise in the car to pick up my dead laptop from Curry’s.  They hadn’t been able to recover the pictures but they have put in a new hard disk at a very reasonable price so I have it as a back up in case of further disasters.  I shall back this one up onto it at regular intervals.

We recently purchased a new telly but not from Curry’s and the old telly was in the back of the car ready to to take to the dump soon.  Being rather forgetful, I thought for a moment that we had bought it at Curry’s and while I was in the shop, I asked whether they would dispose of the old one for me. I quickly remembered that I had not bought it there and apologised for asking but a charming fellow said that they would be happy to dispose of it for me anyway and came and fetched it out of the car and wafted it away. I was impressed.

When I got home, I spent some more time trying to get a flower picture that I can enter in the Langholm Show. As it was rather windy, I picked a Japanese anenome and brought it inside. I tried it both against a dark background and a light one.

Here three of the many efforts I made.


anenome 2

anenome 3

I quite like the first of the three (which was in fact taken last) because the imperfections in the petals reflect real life but you never know what the judges are looking for.  I will try again tomorrow.

We are promised a visit from the last American hurricane, Katia, over Sunday and Monday and the prospects for pleasant cycling and lawn mowing look exceedingly remote.  There may be a window of opportunity tomorrow afternoon.

Dropscone has lent me a rather alarming machine that can give you a pin point massage and deep heat at the same time.  I may give it a go if I can pluck up enough courage.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

5 thoughts on “Back to the usual routine

  1. Loved the blue tit and the flower pictures you are thinking of entering into the competition. Glad your back is gradually improving and that Currys took your old TV. Sorry though, that you have lost all those photographs, you have inspired me to do some backup of family history myself!

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