A bright afternoon

Today’s guest picture is another of the pond in Regent’s park. It was taken by my sister Mary who wants to point out the charm of  added coots.

Regent's Park 01.02.14 003

Once again our weather was lacking a bit of charm in the morning, being grey and windy with occasional rain.  I wasn’t tempted onto my bicycle as I am having a day or two of rest and it was too dark and windy to have a useful walk with camera in hand so once again, I stayed in.  I did improve the shining hour* by making a loaf of bread and looking out of the window.

The chaffinches continue to speak to each other rudely.

After lunch, I ventured out into the garden.  With the temperature staying above freezing, the snowdrops have begun to open out.


There is activity to be seen elsewhere.

Euphorbia activity
Willow twig

And the winter long bloom in the primula department goes from strength to strength.


I had been a bit worried in case roaming cats had eaten or scared off the universal robin but it made a welcome appearance.

At first cautiously…
…and then with confidence

And a blackbird appeared too.


Apart from fleeting visits by great and blue tits and occasional arrivals of greenfinches, our regular visitors to the feeder appeared today in one shot.

chaffinch, brambling and goldfinch

Rather annoyingly,  after a dull morning, the sun came out in the afternoon.  This was annoying because it coincided with the moment that we had to get in the car to go to Carlisle for our choir.  However, the sorrow of missing the chance for a walk was soon drowned out by the pleasure of the choir meeting.   The choir master is absolutely on the ball and as well as enjoying the singing, I learn something new about technique  every week.

In the evening Dropscone rang up and we arranged to go cycling tomorrow in spite of the forecast of 30 mph gusts.  I am hoping to get home before lunch.

The flying bird of the day is another ‘Look, no hands mum,’ chaffinch.

flying chaffinch

*A poem by Isaac Watts starts:

How doth the little busy bee
Improve each shining hour….

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

30 thoughts on “A bright afternoon

  1. You fit the quote to perfection, it was well chosen. Loved the snowdrops and the robin in particular.

  2. Thought provoking line from a poem, has prompted to read the rest of it, also love the composition of the robin photo x

  3. The wee robin is beautiful set against the lovely weathered blue paint. And the snowdrops . . . well, I much prefer looking at your photo than at our actual snow!

    1. From a scenic point of view, a fall of snow that lasted three days (if accompanied by some nice blue skies) would be welcome but the sort of thing that the US has been suffering from would be very much to much.

  4. Splendid pictures of the robin, and the snowdrops and primulas make a fine show. So glad you enjoyed the choir, that is good news.

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