Getting the goods in Carlisle

The Planetarium

The weather was very good yesterday so my sister Mary went down the Thames and paid another visit to Greenwich.  Today’s guest picture shows her view of the planetarium there.

The Planetarium

It was a miserable wet and colourless day here as our mini spell of good new year weather ran into the buffers.   It was hardly worth looking out of the window as there were no birds about and if there had been, they would have been hard to see.

no birds
A typical scene

Luckily we had better things to do than sit at home and feel gloomy so we got into the car and drove to Carlisle.    We were after good things and it wasn’t too long after we arrived there that many good things fell into our shopping bag.  I am talking about dates and prunes, cheese and more cheese, tea leaves and coffee beans.

The rain had stopped by the time we parked below the mediaeval city walls…

Carlisle city walls

We had to stop and watch some blackbirds picking berries off trees in the car park…


…but luckily we didn’t have to stop at the old Sally Port and pay our tithes as the notice on the wall tells us that former visitors had to.

Sally Port

The centre of the town was quiet and the amusements in the Market Place were locked and silent…

Carlisle helter skelter

…but this did mean that the elegant old town hall was easy to see for once.

Carlisle Town hall

As well as edible goodies, we were in the city to pick up our daughter Annie from the London train.

In the car park outside the station, waiting buses reminded us that the line from Carlisle to Settle has still not been fully repaired after a landslide during last winter’s storms.

Buses rail replacement

The winter has been so gentle this year that it is sometimes hard to remember the devastation that was caused in Cumbria a year ago.

The Citadel Station roof has been wrapped up so thoroughly while it is being replaced that it looks like a giant Christmas present.

Carlisle Station

But our train arrived bang on time…

Virgin train on time at Carlisle

…and deposited our daughter safely onto the platform…

Annie and Ally

…where she was warmly greeted by Mrs Tootlepedal.

Although the most valuable package had been picked up, we hadn’t finished our raids on the Carlisle shops yet and with guidance from Annie, we bought a new washing machine and a sound bar for our telly.

Laden with good things we returned home.

While Annie and I had been acquiring the sound bar, Mrs Tootlepedal had been watching long tailed tits in the car park trees.  She had seen a flock of waxwings on a rowan tree in the centre of Edinburgh yesterday so she has seen a lot more interesting birds over the last couple of days than I have.  It’s not fair.

Some shop bought crumpets might have found their way into our bag among the other good things and we enjoyed these with a cup of tea when we got home.  Buying them was certainly a lot easier than making them.

In the evening, Mike and Alison came round and Alison and I had a good music session.  Neither of us has been practising so it was just as well that we were able to stop between movements for a glass of fizzy white wine.

During the evening, the skies above the house were filled with the sounds of geese calling to each other….

It was extremely misty and there were some bright lights on at the sports pitch and we think that the geese had got disorientated and were circling round waiting for the night to end before heading onwards.  It was rather distressing to hear their plaintive calls.

They have been circling and calling for several hours already.

The calling geese are the flying birds of the day.


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27 thoughts on “Getting the goods in Carlisle

  1. I like the randomness of the medieval wall stones, and the light on the Greenwich planetarium.
    I hope the geese found their way. They sound panicked.
    Your daughter sounds like a doer the way she helped pick things out.

  2. I also hope that the geese have found their way by now.

    A day spent shopping when the weather is too miserable to spend time outside is something that I have to do soon. I’m sure that you’ll be busy setting up your new purchases, as well as catching up with your daughter.

      1. Oh yes, I’ve just bought Bluetooth speakers which are magic because I can have iPlayer on my mobile phone and listen to it anywhere in the house

  3. A great day with so many valuable packages delivered. All the TV manufacturers now make their new thin TVs with a tinny, small sound …with super small speakers installed at the back (!) of the TV as they assume that everyone has either a home theatre system or a sound bar for their TV. So we need to make that trip to Carlisle sooner or later 🙂

  4. For some years I’ve been channelling the sound from my TVs through my (very basic ) hi-fi sytem. Its much better than the thinny tinny TV sound.

  5. Love the sights of Carlisle and to read that your shopping spree went well. Did you spot any geese when out today? As the sound is poor we have the subtitles on when watching TV then we have to look for our glasses ..getting old…eh!

    1. The sound bar has turned out to be an excellent idea. I should have got one long ago. The washing machine is yet to arrive so we are suspending judgement on it.

    1. No. The price range was mind boggling. When things vary from £40 to £2000 it is difficult to decide what is best (except that we had little difficulty in discarding the £2000 end of the market).

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