Going nowhere

Today’s guest picture comes from our son Tony. It shows once again that there are worse places than East Wemyss to walk your dogs as the sun goes down.

We had not so much as a glimpse of the sun here today as the forecast miserable weather duly arrived. It was cold and often rainy and it didn’t invite us to go for a walk or a cycle ride. In fact, we both did get out for essential trips to the butcher and grocer to make sure that we had supplies in hand for Christmas, and Mrs Tootlepedal delivered some local Christmas cards in the afternoon, but in general, it was a day for staying indoors and going nowhere.

The feeling that this was the best policy was reinforced by the news that there are two new cases of covid in the town. This has put a big dent in the sense of security that we have been feeling as our local area stayed virus free for many weeks.

I didn’t even have a lot of birds to look at as a distraction from the ever more alarming news from the outside world, until a few showed up after lunch.

They seemed rather distracted too….

…and dipped in and out of the feeder at speed, keeping a wary eye out for possible danger.

The hawk flew through which didn’t help matters and a bunch of goldfinches kept to very top twigs of the walnut tree for some time…

…before finally venturing down for some seed.

A lone greenfinch appeared but didn’t stop long.

In the afternoon, I wondered about going for a walk or a bike ride in the moments when it was not raining, and even got as far as going upstairs to put my cycling gear on at one point. A sharp shower of rain rattled the windows as I was looking for my socks so I changed into indoor cycling gear (the same as outdoor gear but with fewer layers) and spent a dull 45 minutes pedalling away on the bike to nowhere in the garage instead.

My pedal was made less tedious than it might have been by a pair of newly acquired reasonably priced noise cancelling headphones. These connect by bluetooth to my phone. With them on, I was able to listen to an interesting jazz record request programme downloaded from Radio 3 and avoid the monotonous whine of the turbo trainer at the same time.

I had a quick zip round the garden after I got off the bike.

This is our superb collection of very green moss!

There are still roses trying to come out in spite of everything…

…some more successfully than others.

I was sorry to see that our resident heron had too much drink taken…

…but pleased that The Wren had produced a bud.

Rather than leave it to be nipped by a predicted frost, I snipped it off and took indoors. I hope that it does as well as Lillian Austin. She has enjoyed the heat in the kitchen.

Later on, we had a rather depressed sibling zoom meeting where we all considered the severe restrictions on movement and meetings to come. On a brighter note, one sister has already had her first vaccine shot and the other two have got appointments soon, so there is some light at the end of the tunnel for them. There are not many advantages to being older than me but this is definitely one of them!

I had put a lamb stew with apricots into the slow cooker in the morning, and we enjoyed the results for our evening meal.

We may see the sun tomorrow which would be good as we need cheering up.

A day of poor light leads to an unsatisfactory flying bird of the day.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

27 thoughts on “Going nowhere

  1. I’m Anne’s friend who sent her the photo of the red tailed hawk. I have a beautiful photo (or I think so) of a sunrise over the Central Park reservoir in NYC. I wonder if you might be able to use it on a slow day for photos — but I don’t know how to send it to you. Best regards, MaryJane Boland

  2. I’m sorry to hear that the virus has made it to town. I remember how I felt when it came here. Hopefully we’ll all have shots of vaccine soon.
    The lawn might be mossy but it sure is green and that’s something in December.
    At least your resident heron moved. That’s more than they do here.

  3. Tony’s spectacular sunset over East Wemyss made a beautiful photo! I am glad you have the birds for distraction. They know nothing of what is going on in the human realm, and go about being themselves. Things have become much more worrisome on this side of the Pond now, I am sure it had made the news over in Scotland.

    The roses budding in winter, almost Christmas, brought a smile and pleasant thoughts.

  4. Bless The Wren for bringing cheer to everyone. Great to see your green grass/moss lawn and your son’s sunset photo brightening everything up during these worrying virus times. Only one more sleep and then a promised frosty, sparkly Christmas Day…hooray!

  5. You managed wonderful photos in spite of the gloom. I hope your Christmas Day is brighter. It amazes me that you still have flowers blooming. I am sorry you are going through another virus scare. May your sense of humor in spite of all carry you through. 🙂

  6. Best wishes for a Happy Christmas to you and your entire family. I am now a grandma! Kat had her baby this past Sunday! We’re all glad that she and baby are safely home from the hospital. The Covid numbers in Southern California are horrible and all Intensive Care Unit hospitals beds are gone should anyone need one. We stay home and that’s the safest place to be over here.

    1. Congratulations on joining the grandparents’ club. I am glad that everything went well as the news about Covid in the US seems very grim to us. We are not doing any better though so we are all a bit worried. Best wishes from us to you and Kat and the family.

  7. I am very glad to hear one of your sisters got the vaccine. Please be very careful when you go to the shops and even if you stop and chat with someone on a walk. Six feet away is not far enough! We just have to get through a few more months. We had a shocking amount of cases in our small beach town area recently, then they fell to about 12 a week instead of 50 plus. I remember the time last spring when we had only single digits and it looked then like it might stay that way.

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