A late walk

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother Andrew. He managed to take a very atmospheric picture as he crossed the River Derwent late on a misty afternoon recently.

We had a marked change in the weather here today as we went back to a prolonged spell of rain. Luckily, not only did Margaret join us for coffee but our other neighbours, Liz and Ken, popped over the road as well, so we were able to ignore the weather and enjoy the company.

After coffee, I had a look at the bird feeder . . .

. . . where a greenfinch replaced a goldfinch as I watched.

Then Mrs Tootlepedal and I took a farewell card round for our last visit to John’s corner shop. It will have turned magically into a butcher’s by the time that we visit it again.

As the wet afternoon wore on, I was ready to go for a little leg stretching walk in the rain, but the weather gods relented, the rain stopped, and I went for a little leg stretching walk in the dry instead.

It was till rather glum when I set out, with water rushing down the Wauchope, low cloud sitting on Whita, more cloud lurking behind the scaffolding on the Erskine Kirk, and plenty of water in the rivers at the Kilngreen.

The riverside birds were keeping out of the strong flow, but it was good to see Mr Grumpy standing up today.

Looking up, I could see signs of a gap in the clouds . . .

. . . so I took my courage in both hands and headed up the hill towards Whita Well. The cloudscape changed every time that I looked around, and you might have thought that there was a strong wind blowing . . .

. . . but it was pretty calm and the clouds were forming and dissolving under their own steam.

There were plenty of clouds about as I looked both north . . .

. . . and south . . .

. . . but there was no hint of rain at all and I had a pleasant walk up onto the hill, passing some light traffic on the way.

When I got to Whita Well, I found plenty of haws left on a hawthorn.

I decided that I had got near enough to the low clouds and turned to walk along the hill to the Copshaw road.

The mast on Warbla kept drifting in and out of the clouds during my walk . . .

. . . and bits of mist hung around over the river below.

I saw a few things of interest on a smaller scale too.

Although there were hints that the clouds might clear away from the south, they never did and it remained a grey day as I got to the road and walked back down to the town.

The big fungi that I had seen last time I walked down this road were still there, and I took a picture of one beside my boot to give a sense of scale.

The light had almost gone by the time that I got back down to the Castleholm . . .

. . . and I struggled to get a picture of the good work someone had done in clearing the recently fallen branch from the track round the Scholar’s Field.

There was just a hint of pink in the sky when I got home . . .

. . . which I hope will mean better weather tomorrow. We are off to London for a few days, and it would be good not to get soaking wet before we have even caught the bus to Carlisle.

While we are away, I will be putting up brief reports from my phone rather than full blog posts so patient readers will get a holiday too.

Owing to the very wet weather during the day and the fact that it was almost dark when I got home from my walk, there is no flying bird of the day. Two wet collared doves are the best than I can offer.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

30 thoughts on “A late walk

  1. Great cloudscapes and a lovely coloured sky when you got back from your walk. It must have been a relief to have a still day after all those gales.

  2. I literally gasped at the “… and south” photo (below the sheep), and I see I am not alone in being so taken with it. Gorgeous shot.

  3. Even in this kind of weather Langholm and its surroudings are well worth seeing. Only the Erskine Kirk tower is sticking up like a sore thumb. Will ever be repaired?

  4. I concur, the capture of the view south below the sheep with their backs to you is simply amazing. As are all the changing cloudy shots as you were able to capture them.

  5. Hope the photo club have ‘misty’ as their next theme as you will come out top…again! Love the mists and the trees especially the ‘south’ photo. Happy holiday to you both.

  6. Some very lovely atmospheric shooting here… my favorite is the mist and trees just below the back ends of the sheep!
    I can’t say if I’m a ‘patient’ reader, but your trip to London might give me a chance to get caught up??

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