Better late than never

I couldn’t post the blog yesterday because we suffered from a complete internet failure. It only came back on-line this morning so I am posting yesterday’s blog today.

Today’s flower is one of the last splashes of colour left in the garden

MalcolmsWe had unexpected visitors two nights ago as we thought that they had only made an enquiry and they thought that they had booked. Luckily the room was ready and we didn’t have anyone else in. They turned out to be celebrating their golden wedding by doing a 400 mile cycling sweep around the borders from Sunderland at 50 miles a day. Mrs Tootlepedal and I were impressed.

After they had gone, I went off in lovely weather with a burst round the morning ride at a speed of above the magic 16 mph which got me off to a very good start to the day. I followed this up with some log sawing, compost sieving and the start of the annual spiking of the lawn. By this time I was ready for a sit down and an attack on the backlog of archive work that had built up but I was frustrated by the internet connection being off. I then spent two to three hours on the phone while everybody, mostly correctly, said it was nothing to do with them. It turned out, as I suspected, that it was down to BT. This ruined my usual Thursday evening work session in the Archive Centre as well, but I did manage to get to the Douglas Hotel for my usual two pints of research so not all was lost.

planting outDuring the afternoon, Mrs Tootlepedal did sterling work in the garden taking out the cosmos and marigolds from the front beds and planting next year’s wallflowers in their place. niftyShe put up a very neat defence against the westerly gales that come nipping round the corner of the house and blast the flowers to bits if unprotected. I have often felt the the first skill a gardener must have is the ability to bend over a lot. Mrs Tootlepedal is a master of the art.

Today’s bird is another reflective sparrow.

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