Ice age

Today’s picture comes to me by courtesy of my son Anthony. It is of the outside rim of an horrendously difficult jigsaw of a cup of coffee. He kindly  assures me that it is lot more interesting than all those birds.


A combination of last night’s rain and nearly freezing temperatures meant that the town was covered in a sheet of ice for the whole day, making walking anywhere a tricky operation. My only expedition in the morning was to refill the bird feeders and even that needed extreme care. The birds are definitely feeling the prolonged cold weather and I had to shoo a siskin off a feeder before I could take it down so anxious was it to get the last drop out of it.

To make things more annoying, it was a gloriously sunny day with unbroken blue sky and the itch to get out and about was overpowering. However, I filled in the time by trying to take pictures of the birds in flight. I have put a few here but there are more in a Picasa album online. Click here to see the whole album (if you have time to spare).




In between the flying battles, I caught one or two birds in a moment of stillness.

A brambling gets stuck in
A chaffinch takes time out

I took a moment or two out from this to tend to my worms and I was pleased to see that some at least are still surviving the winter’s blast. I continue to read the worm book which I was given by my son for Christmas and I am constantly finding out more things that I have been doing wrong. Ah well.

After lunch, the call of the sunlight got too strong and Mrs Tootlepedal and I went out for a walk. We both took our cameras but neither of us took any pictures at all as we had to keep our eyes firmly on the ground to see what slips and slides lay ahead.  It was not, all in all, an enjoyable experience.


mole hillsWhile we were out walking, Dropscone and some other cheerily daft golfers played a round of the winter competition. He told me that conditions were not conducive to good golf and I was pleased that I had decided not to play.

He sent me this fine study, which he took a day or two ago, of mole hills at the top of the course. They are threatening to take over the whole place and there are more and more each time he plays.


In the evening, I put another week of the E&L into the database. The indexers are working flat out and I shall have to watch out that I keep up with them. After that I had a fry up for my tea and put in an hour on the DVD. I am matching pictures to Bruce’s history of the railway and it is surprising (and a bit depressing) how long it takes to produce two minutes of content. However, it continues to be good fun to do so I don’t regret offering to do it.

While we were having our tea, it started to snow again and then, while I was writing this, it rained very heavily for a bit. I hate to think what the going underfoot will be like tomorrow.  Dropscone tells me he is not even going to attempt a round of golf tomorrow so conditions must be bad.

I leave you with one of my favourites…

It's a goldfinch




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8 thoughts on “Ice age

  1. Some wonderful photogrqphs of flying birds on the Picasa album, you must be really pleased. Sorry the walking is so difficult and hope the freeze eases up very soon.

  2. Ice yesterday, snow today, what for tomorrow I wonder? Love the photographs. Thank you for the cryptic clues on “Dropscone” – they were more help than the recent Christmas photograph.

  3. A “PS comment!” Request please for a photograph next time Dropscone drops in bearing dropscones – could you please photograph said dropscones before Tootlepedal and Mrs. Tootlepedal and Dropscone eat them?
    Greatly looking forward to a wet week!!

  4. Enjoyed the flying slideshow. Very sorry you could barely get out because it was so icy.
    I was unable to play tennis this a.m. It was a wonderful sunny day and didn’t seem cold, but the courts were entirely covered by frost and very slippery.

    1. It’s a closely guarded secret. He reads the blog so we will have to see what he says.

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