Today’s picture shows a blue tit on the fat ball fortress.  I took it at lunch time and no better bird shot presented itself the whole day in spite of (because of?) my shiny new feeder.

blue tit

Dropscone has taken the bike he has been riding lately to the bike shop for a service as he wasn’t getting full use of his gears. As a result, he turned up on the bike he was riding on the occasion of his spill in July.  This was his first outing on it since the catastrophe and he has wisely put on tyres with a bit more tread.  We decided that a different route to the normal morning run would be in order and did a 21 mile journey over Callister to Dunnabie, Waterbeck and back over Callister from the other side.

Although this route has bigger climbs than the usual morning run, it has a lot less road junctions (7 as opposed to about 19 ) and gives rise to much more steady pedalling which suits my breathing.  We had a light wind and good conditions.

After lunch, I completed the spiking and sanding of the lawns.  By happy coincidence, it has rained soon after each session of work and as a result the sand has been well washed in.  It is due to rain tonight to finish the job off properly.  Although we only have two small lawns, about 110m² in total, it has taken a toll on my ageing joints and I am pleased to have got it over and done with.

When I had done that, I took the slow bike out for a tour of the Castleholm to see how autumn is getting on.  I was hoping for the sun to come out to add a bit of brilliance to any colours but it remained stubbornly hidden behind patchy clouds.

The Lodge gates
The Lodge gates
The Episcopalian church
The Episcopalian church, now a museum for the Armstrong Clan
The Lodge Walks
The Lodge Walks, always a pleasure in any season
Meikleholm Hill
Notice how the birch trees have gone over already
Whita Hill
Looking towards Whita Hill
Path on the Castleholm
Irritatingly, the sun was shining not far away on top of Whita

As soon as I got home, the sun came out but as I had some work on the computer to do, I hadn’t the time to go out again.  Later on,  I did notice this fantastic glow on the hill below the monument and wished that I had been outside.

Sunset on Whita

In the evening, I went with Susan to Carlisle to play recorders.   We were four tonight and played among other pieces,  a fugue J S Bach and music by one of his sons,  two early Italian pieces by Cima, a tango by Brian Bonsor,  Scotland’s greatest gift to recorder players of the world,  some lovely Elizabethan dance pieces, two rags by Scott Joplin and a catchy arrangement of Whistling Rufus.  This was a mixture that could hardly be beaten.  There were good biscuits afterwards too.

All in all, a day to be put on the credit side of the ledger.

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10 thoughts on “Spiked

  1. Beautiful pictures of the Lodge Walks, lovely in every season as you say, Jim and I were married in All Saints, the little Episcopalian Church, in June 1968. Thanks for the trip down memory lane! I also loved the photo of Whita a-glow in the evening light…

    1. It is a memorial to Major General Sir John Malcolm, 1769-1833, soldier, scholar and diplomat, a local man who was a colonial administrator in India and a Minister-Plenipotentiary to Persia. He wrote a History of Persia in 1815. The monument is 100ft high and was completed in 1836. On his return to England, he became MP for Launceston and vigorously opposed the Reform Bill of 1832, which puts him on the wrong side as far as I am concerned. There is an article on him in Wikipedia.

    1. A combination of using the wood for various purposes and then covering the hills with sheep. If the sheep were taken off, the hills would revert to scrub quite quickly. Some of the moorland country was kept down to heather for grouse shooting.

  2. Lovely sunshine on Whita. Finally starting to feel a bit wintery down here and we have rain at last.

  3. Some lovely autumn pictures and a fine sunset one too. Glad the recorders was such fun, a great selection of music to enjoy.

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