Intermittently busy

Today’s picture comes from a trip that two of my sisters took with my brother to Hanbury Hall which is just off the M5.  His picture shows the house, built in 1701, and the reconstructed garden.

The house is a beautiful ba

We couldn’t match that sort of weather here.  The day started not too badly but just as I was thinking of a quick pedal, the rain came sweeping in.

Dropscone is still away on holiday in the deep south (Kent) and so I have no one to motivate me to get up early and get on the bike.  I didn’t get up early and I didn’t get on the bike.  I had a certain amount of stuff to do which had to be done but which wasn’t enough to fill the time available.  However if filled enough of the available time to make the odds and ends that were left not quite large enough to accommodate some useful activity.  As a result, there was a good deal of lounging around to no good purpose.

The garden didn’t provide me with much in the way of photo opportunities though I did enjoy this very washed out looking marigold.


I keep hoping for fine butterfly action on the sedums but all I could see was a rather bedraggled bee.


I spent quite a lot of time in the morning printing out 51 entries in the photo competition as the judges were due in the afternoon.    They filled my office table.


I also had a slide show on the computer so that the judges could look at them one at a time in detail.

In between tasks, I had time to look out of the window and was pleased to see a coal tit pause for a second on the feeder to give me the beady eye before flying off with a seed..

coal tit

There were quite a few blue tits too, at least three if not more.  They like all my feeders.

blue tit on fat balls
At the fat balls
blue tits on the peanuts
On the peanuts
blue tit on the sunflower seed feeder
Lurking on the sunflower seed feeder

Of course the sparrows and chaffinches far outnumber them….

chaffinches and sparrows

…but they do add a splash of colour to the scene.

blue tit

blue tit

In the afternoon, the postcard judges and the competition organiser came.  As always with these things, the judge’s decisions will be open to argument but they worked hard and agreed on the results so they can’t be faulted for effort.  The winners will be shown when the photographers have been given a chance to make some adjustments for size and tone to ensure that the postcards are the best that we can possibly do.  We are hoping that they will raise money for the Archive Group as well as giving visitors to the town something to remember us by.

I had managed to mow one of the lawns before they arrived but the rain put  a stop to any more lawn care and the day sort of drifted away from me.

In the evening, I went to the Archive Centre with Jean and Sandy and we worked hard.  Sandy was putting some photos into our on-line photo collection which had been sent to us out of the blue by a lady living in Galashiels.  She had visited Langholm and noticed our centre and thought we might like some photographs she had cleared from her father’s house.  We did.  Especially as two of them were dated, always a bonus.

I couldn’t catch one of the blue tits in the air with any clarity so the flying bird of the day is an obliging chaffinch

flying chaffinch


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11 thoughts on “Intermittently busy

  1. You had a useful time re the photograph exhibition – it would be good to see the results.
    Glad you had some useful, dated pictures for the Archives.

  2. I think it’s a great idea to have a competition for postcard photos. All too often the postcards you find in shops are rather dull dreary views taken many years before. I can’t wait to see the winners 🙂

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