A dull day

Today’s guest picture comes from Amy, one of my correspondents, who saw the picture of the hawk in our garden earlier this week and has kindly sent me a picture which she took of a sharp shinned hawk in her garden in Michigan (I think) last year.


I was hoping for a sunshine breakthrough this morning but like yesterday, it was very hazy again today.  The weather people say that we are getting second hand air from the continent at the moment instead of our usual sea washed stuff from the Atlantic which may explain it.  The benefit is that it is fairly warm and not raining so we shouldn’t complain.

Mrs Tootlepedal went off to sing in the church choir and in a rather unimaginative way, I pedalled off up the same road as I did last Sunday, though not so far.  Once again, the brisk wind was in my face and it was hard work climbing the modest 600ft of ascent in the ten and a half miles to the top of the hill at Mosspaul.

Still, what goes up must go down and the trip home was a treat.  In a statistical coincidence, I took exactly half the time to get back as I had taken had to get out….and in another coincidence, I went at exactly twice the speed too (22mph).

Mrs Tootlepedal was back from church and busy in the garden when I arrived home.  I cut back a fuchsia as my small contribution to the work and took a couple of flower pictures in the faint sunshine just to brighten a dull day.

New primroses are flowering all over the place.
My current favourite daffodil.

In spite of the hazy conditions, it was grand to be out in the garden in springlike warmth but I didn’t stay too long. I dug up a leek and went in to cook some soup for lunch and took the chance while things were simmering to watch a chaffinch land on the feeder.

chaffinch landing
A safe arrival looks as though it might be in the balance…
chaffinch landing
…but everything turned out well.

Mrs Tootlepedal’s work in the garden will provide me with many photo opportunities later in the year but it does tend to keep the birds off the feeder in the meantime so I didn’t have much chance to catch an interesting shot today.

Siskins are the birds least bothered by working gardeners.

Because we were going to do some shopping in Carlisle before going to our choir practice there, we had to leave quite soon after lunch and I had no more chances to take pictures.  The shopping was useful and the choir practice hard working and enjoyable but both were uneventful.

Because the clocks went forward last night, we arrived home in daylight but after a heavy week of acting, Mrs Tootlepedal finally succumbed to a little fatigue and didn’t go out into the garden again.  There was still enough light for me to catch a beady eyed visitor to the feeder area.


…before putting the tea on to cook.

In spite of not providing much to snap or to write about, it has been a very enjoyable day.

I did find one amenable flying chaffinch.

flying chaffinch



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20 thoughts on “A dull day

  1. The clocks going forward does mess up the sunset photo possibilities but there may be a chance of sunrises soon to balance things out. We had two sunny weekend days but I hardly had a chance to go outside on either of them.

  2. Great bird photos. I forgot the clocks went forward and booked our golf tee-off for 7am on Sunday 30th March. It was still not fully light, but we had the course to ourselves, which was just as well as my friends were very rusty and kept hitting the ball onto the rough and into the trees :(.

    Carlisle is a lovely town. Must take the bus down as it’s quicker than the train from where I live.

  3. How sweet of you to share my little photo! I love your flower photos today – so bright and cheerful! We have gotten a bit of a warm-up here so hopefully things will begin poking up through the ground soon. Unfortunately I have two black thumbs and am notorious for killing plants and such! The flowers that bloom in my yard are the same bulbs that were here when we bought this house 17 years ago. I’m afraid to dig them up and move them for fear I will be the death of each and every one.

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