Where did summer go?

Today’s guests picture, sent by my sister Susan, shows a colourful bench in London which celebrates Jeeves and Wooster from the works of P G Wodehouse.  I don’t know what it would be like to sit on.


The forecast offered us a greater than ninety percent chance of rain all day and it was pretty well right.  Mrs Tootlepedal is back in the cycling groove (especially if she can collect a bucket of manure at the same time) and she seized the opportunity of the other five percent to get out for a quick pedal after coffee when it was dry.  I went with her and when she turned back to collect the manure, I went on for a couple more miles.  I might have been tempted go a bit further but it started to rain and I took that as hint not to overwork my hip and went home.

The weather gods obviously thought that I had done the right thing as it soon stopped raining and I had a pleasant pedal back.

I walked round the garden when I got in.

poppies and crocosmia
Mrs Tootlepedal’s new border is nearly there.
Another cheerful pair.
Lilian Austin
The roses are really over but Lilian Austin is having a last fling
rowan berries
The rowan berries are turning with the season…
Virginia Creeper
…as is the Virginia Creeper

Somehow, summer seems to have suddenly slipped away after a few glorious weeks of sunshine and heat and an erratic jet stream is giving us very changeable cool, wet and windy weather.  It is not too late to get some good weather but there is no sign of it at the moment.  The clematis on the archway into the vegetable garden doesn’t seem to mind though.


It soon started to rain so after lunch I had a bath and a good snooze and when I woke up, my hip was painless for the first time for weeks.  The  the sun came out.   Things were looking up.  Then the sun went in and rumbles of thunder filled the air.

Although my hip was aching by the end of the day, the spell of pain free walking about the house was very encouraging.  I am optimistic.

The combination of the dull weather and my lack of mobility are making for dull posts for which I apologise but as this is a diary which should reflect my daily  life and as my life is a bit dull at the moment, this is only to be expected.

The young sparrows continue to offer a bit of action…


…and I did manage to catch a flying bird of the day.

flying bird


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18 thoughts on “Where did summer go?

  1. The colours you get in your flower pictures never cease to amaze me. So glad you had a few pain free hours, hope tomorrow will be even better.

  2. I too, am glad you had some respite from pain today. Apparently the book benches are part of a book trail going on in London this summer. The Lilian Austin rose is such a wonderful colour.

  3. Your blog may be lots of things,whatever the description, accusation or accolade It could never be called Dull

  4. When we first meet Babbie in “The Little Minister” she is dancing down the hill with rowan berries in her hair. Thank you for giving me a good look at what exactly the berries are like.

  5. I like the look of Mrs T’s new border.
    So glad you had some pain free hours. Do hope the improvement continues.

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