Least interesting day ever

Today’s guest picture brings a welcome shaft of sunshine from Almeria in south-east Spain, described by Bruce who visited it on his grand tour, as the home of all those tasteless tomatoes that you wished you hadn’t bought.

AlmeriaHere in south-west Scotland, we had a day of unadulterated meteorological gloominess.   It was cold and wet and altogether a really grand day for staying indoors.

I did make a token effort to photograph a bird or two…

goldfinches…but it wasn’t worthwhile.   Even with the ISO at 4000, flying birds were too quick for me.

flying chaffinchSo I turned my mind to sitting and relaxing which I accomplished with grace and dignity for the rest of the day.  I did spend some of the sitting time doing useful things like putting three weeks of the newspaper index into the database (one by myself at home, one with Sandy’s help in the afternoon still at home and one in the Archive Centre in the evening, so a nice variety there.)

While Sandy was round in the afternoon, he made a mount for a woodpecker picture of mine which is to be used as one of the prizes in a forthcoming raffle.  I only hope that the winner is not too disappointed that they didn’t bag the bottle of sherry instead.

I also sorted out some pictures of vintage vehicles for the next camera club competition.  I had misread the instructions and thought that the class was for vintage machinery, a much more wide ranging subject, and a result I have quite a collection of fairly interesting photos of old machinery but very few of vintage vehicles.  However, by scraping around,  I have dug up six shots.

As I had time on my hands, I have put them in a gallery here just to practice using galleries which have been a mystery to me hitherto.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

They are not the most exciting pictures in the world but they are all that I have.

There was a brief respite from the rain when Sandy and I went up to the Archive Centre in the evening but it had started again by the time we returned home.

The flying bird of the day is a gloomy chaffinch.


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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

30 thoughts on “Least interesting day ever

  1. I am getting up really early now that we are in spring and I am delighted to be the first to comment and to note that your least interesting day is a whole lot more interesting than my least interesting day. Love the gallery!

    1. Your least interesting day must be very dull indeed. I am glad that you are up with larks. I am tending in the opposite direction as winter approaches..

  2. Well, I thought it sounded very interesting actually! I love the pics of old machinery, particularly the bicycles. 🙂

  3. We had an absolutely foul day yesterday but today has been glorious here. The gallery works very well. I like making photograph galleries and looking at them is most enjoyable. I think it is the element of surprise – what’s coming next! You have a nice selection of vehicles in yours.

    1. I am glad that you liked the gallery. I am in two minds about them still as they are easy to skip past as a reader so I might miss a good picture in other blogs and a temptation to me as a writer to chuck pictures in willy nilly instead of using my judgement to prune them down. I take your point about the element of surprise though.

    1. Luckily we have a local tomato producer and this year their crop has been very tasty. The real answer is to grow more of our own but we have never done really well with them.

  4. Bad weather everywhere in the UK it seems. I’ve had today to cancel a first visit with a friend to the Steart Marshes, on the Somerset coast, a new nature reserve created by letting in the sea rather than fighting it. We chickened out of wind and rain and cold.

  5. I’m trying to view from my iPhone and can’t see the gallery, although admittedly I can’t see much at all on this tiny screen. Will check again this evening!

    1. Experience has led me not to expect success in camera club competitions. Local flower shows where the subject is as important as the execution are more my thing.

  6. That sounds like I am saying your post was not worthwhile, when actually I found it quite amusing. Would go into shock if you did not blog every day (except when having knee surgery, and it would not surprise me if you manage even then.)

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