Round and about


Today’s guest picture comes from my brother Andrew who paid a visit to Chatsworth.  Mrs Tootlepedal is thinking of having something similar in our front garden.


I was on the go from morning till night today but largely at a gentle speed  suitable to a man of my age.  It started with a 20 mile cycle ride after breakfast and interestingly (to me at least), although the wind was much stronger than when I did the same ride a couple of days ago, I got round within seconds of the same time.  Is this down to a powerful consistency or simply the fact that I couldn’t bicycle any slower if I tried?  The jury is out.

When I got home, I had a quick dash round the garden.  The scientific rain gauge showed that there had been a fair bit of rain over the last two days…

wheelbarrow of rain

…but the garden had stood up well.

Crown Princess Margareta
Crown Princess Margareta had survived.
lily and philadelphus
There was strong colour and strong scents too

The melancholy thistle was looking quite cheerful…

Melancholy thistle

…and the fancy geum is continuing to flower well long after the standard ones have gone.


Mrs Tootlepedal bought a Fuchsia specially for me when she was at the Gardener’s World flower show in Birmingham and it has survived the journey north and is looking good.  It is going to live in a pot.


I didn’t have long to spend outside as there was bread to make, cards to be prepared for the Paper Shop to sell and Archive disks to be copied for the Information Hub.  I managed these tasks and delivered the cards and disks and still had time for a glance or two out of the window.

goldfinch and greenfinch
We were visited by goldfinch and greenfinch
goldfinch and sparrow
I liked the abilty of the goldfinch to fly without using its wings.

The reason for all the rush was a need to catch the train from Lockerbie after lunch to visit Matilda in Edinburgh.

We got to Lockerbie with enough time in hand to let me walk about for a while.  I enjoyed an old sign on a shop wall which I had never noticed before…

Lockerbie High Street

The letters CTC on the spoked wheel stand for the Cyclists Touring Club of which Mrs Tootlepedal and I are members.  Sadly the shop is no longer a cycle shop.

I thought that the King’s  Arms Hotel might have more balconies than was strictly justified by the probable amount of good weather that might tempt the guests out onto them.

Kings Arms hotel Lockerbie

And I never fail to enjoy the sheep.

Lockerbie sheep

The train arrived on time and we spent some quality time with Matilda when we got to Edinburgh.  One of the highlights was a visit to her pocket handkerchief sized garden where she showed that  whatever the size of the space, she could run round in circles with the best of them.

Matilda running

There was work to be done though and she lent a hand sweeping up while her father, Mrs Tootlepedal and I cut the front hedge with a rather blunt pair of shears…

matilda's hedge

…and she came into her own when the resultant clippings needed to be taken to the recycling bin at the foot of the street.

recycling the hedge
Thank goodness someone had the foresight to bring their truck with them.

After a tasty evening meal, we waved goodbye to Matilda (and Alistair and Clare) and caught the train back to  Lockerbie.  It was very gloomy there and we had to drive through some severe puddles on the way home so we had obviously got the best of the weather in Edinburgh.

Since I had a camera with me I took a couple of shots while I was there.  They show the single pole that carries all the telephone wires for the whole of Matilda’s street and the never ending supply of people who are prepared to walk to the top of Arthur’s Seat at any time of day (the shot was taken at 7.30 pm).


The flower of the day is the aptly named Special Grandma Rose…

Special Grandma Rose

…and the flying bird is a siskin.

flying siskin


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27 thoughts on “Round and about

  1. That sounds like a very full day!
    Matilda doesn’t seem to mind getting her hands dirty, and that’s always a good thing.
    It seems a little strange to have all of those wires on one pole. It would be hard to imagine them running out of pole money or places to put them.

  2. I loved the rocket powered goldfinch and the scientific rain gauge, very cute. The star has to be Matilda though, she’s growing up so quickly! It doesn’t seem that long ago that you shared the news of her birth.

  3. Matilda is growing tall! She’ll be hiking and cycling with you before long.

    The flying goldfinch was a great capture. The single pole with all the wires is an interesting photo. Wonder why they did it that way?

  4. Good work on the hedge – with Matilda’s help of course.
    What a lot of activities you fitted in to the day.

  5. Sorry to offer a repetitive comment, but when exactly is Matilda graduating from college? Yikes, that little girl is growing up quickly!

  6. Is that Matilda really? She’s growing up so fast! Very sensible of her to bring her little truck. I guess she would be keeping her parents on their toes with all that energy. Oh, the athleticism of the young. 🙂 Arthur’s Seat looks like a good work out for the knees too.

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