We have some rain to spare if anyone wants it

Toronto sign

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by my daughter Annie.  It is a puzzle picture to see if you can work out what film festival she is currently working at.  (She was in Venice last week.)

Toronto sign

We have had a few drizzly and gloomy days recently but today was a change.  Far from drizzling, the rain was coming down in buckets and even looking out of the back door meant a soaking.  Under the circumstances, I did my photographing through the kitchen window.

blackbird and blue tit

A clematis brightened up the view.


I took the opportunity to put another week of the newspaper index into the Archive Group database and have now cleared my personal backlog though Sandy, who has been doing most of the work recently, tells me there are plenty more weeks waiting to be put in. The forecast offers plenty more rainy days to come so progress should be made.

I also spent time on some singing practice as last night had showed me just how much work I needed to do after the summer break.  I even got my flute out as well so the rain brought some good things into my life.

I made some vegetable soup for lunch and then Mrs Tootlepedal braved the elements and set off for Lockerbie en route for Edinburgh and a visit to Matilda and her parents.  She told me later that the driving was more exciting than she would have liked with the ever present danger of aquaplaning on rain sodden roads.  She got home safely though.

When she had gone, I settled down with a good conscience to watch the Tour of Britain and when it had finished, the rain had stopped too.  It was still very windy so I settled for a short and sheltered walk.

I was surprised by how much the rain had swollen the Wauchope.

Pool Corner in floo

Old Stane bridge in flood

…but the paths were dry enough for walking and I hadn’t gone far before there was even a sign of blue skies…


…and glint of sunshine on the hill.

So naturally, I took a black and white picture of Stubholm.


I wasn’t short of refreshment as there were a lot of ripe brambles as I went along…

bramble and acorn

…and a full sized acorn as well (although the branch was swaying so violently in the wind that I couldn’t get a good picture of it).

I walked along the top of Stubholm bank and looked over the town towards Castle Hill.

View of Castle Hill from Stubholm

I could see the spot beside the river where I often stand under the trees and try to catch wagtails flying.

River Esk

When I got to the Buccleuch park, I visited a likely tree stump in search of fungi.  I wasn’t disappointed.

fungi in Buccleuch Park

The River Esk was up a bit but it wasn’t as full of water as the Wauchope had been so the rain must have been quite local.

River esk

I enjoyed this fine set of flower baskets just before I got home.

caroline Street flower baskets

I had taken the liberty of putting a few fat balls out in a feeder while Mrs Tootlepedal was in Edinburgh and I was rewarded by a visit from a robin while I was getting ready to cook my tea.

It didn’t stay on the feeder for long but constantly flew up and down from the ring below…

flying robin

…so I was pleased to catch it in a still moment.


A young blackbird sat on a pot below and weighed up its chances of getting on to the feeder…


…but it flew off without trying.

In the evening, Susan arrived and we went to Carlisle to play with our recorder group.

By the time that she drove us home, the rain had started again and the day ended in as miserable a fashion as it had started.

The flower of the day is a nerine, which has just come out under the bird feeder…


…and the flying bird is that robin just above it.

flying robin

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28 thoughts on “We have some rain to spare if anyone wants it

  1. Really great photos! I wish I could share our rain too! Houston has had so much rain we (my husband and I have a design build landscaping company) have lost 2 months of work. I like the colors on the robin…more orange that red. Cheers

  2. I’d like to see our river running like yours. I haven’t had a chance to catch a wave in a photo all summer.
    The landscapes are beautiful in spite of the rain and the robin is as cute as ever.
    That’s a nice crop of mushrooms.

  3. Love reading your blog every day and am quite impressed with your cycling achievements.
    As for the puzzle, your daughter is in Toronto, Ontario, Canada attending TIFF, the Toronto International Film Festival, an event my wife was invloved in severse years ago. We live about 45 minutes from Toronto and are there frequently.
    Thanks for your post.

  4. A lovely selection of robin photos – unusual to see one in flight – much less spherical than the usual pose. Annie travels to very interesting places for work!

  5. Beautiful pictures as always and yes please send is some rain! We have had hot sunny days for weeks now and are longing for some rain.

  6. Great pictures top and bottom. and lovely colours in between. Some of your rain needed here please – grass turning brown.

  7. The views from your backdoor were good, but the views from while you were walking are excellent! I never tire of seeing them, or the flowers, or your robins. That was pretty sneaky, putting out the fat ball feeder while Mrs. T was away, but the photos were worth it. I hope that she doesn’t see this post to know what you did.

  8. Lovely colourful photos of a country walk on a damp day. The robins are vying for their place on that Christmas card! I wonder if you pronounce the final ‘e’ in Wauchope?

    1. It is pronounced rather like war cup would be but with a bit of a cough on the ch in the middle like the end of ‘loch’ and just the lightest touch on the final ‘p’.

  9. Clearly your daughter is in Russia judging by the back to front ‘N’ 😉 I’m particularly taken with your b&w shot and the delightful floating robin 🙂

  10. Would gladly take some of your rain. The Wauchope looks quite wild. I hope you don’t have the flooding problems again this season. The fungi appear to be enjoying the wetter weather, and are in fine form.

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