Rain fall

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by our friend Gavin. His daughter is in Borculo in the Netherlands and found this equivalent of our Beechy Plains. It looks better than ours does at the moment.

It had rained all night, so before I had my breakfast, I thought that I should go and look at how our rivers were doing, even though it was still raining.

It was pretty gloomy, but it was easy to see that the Wauchope Water was well up, and only just creeping under the Kirk Brig.

There was a hint of better weather down to the south west but that proved to be a false dawn, and the rain continued unrelentingly all morning.

The Esk was well up too. I found that the suspension bridge was closed and wondered if that was because of the flood or the failure of the new surface. The flood was very close to the bridge . . .

. . . but Mrs Tootlepedal found out later in the day that it was the bridge surface that is causing the concern.

I walked along to the road bridge, looked at it from both sides . . .

. . . and saw that the water had got into the Castleholm on the far side of the river.

Having taken a few pictures for the record, I headed for home. Perhaps because of the gloom, or perhaps because I hadn’t had my porridge yet, I missed my footing on a pavement edge and fell over, bruising my little finger, my elbow, my hip, my knee and my pride. Luckily there was no one around to witness this ignominy, so I limped home, muttering imprecations at myself for being careless.

I felt even more stupid when I got in and found that my phone had fallen out of my pocket. Mrs Tootlepedal very kindly volunteered to be a search party, and went off on her bike to look for it. She found it lying in a puddle, and it is tribute to how well these phones are built that it was still in full working order with my photographs intact.

I took the rest of the morning very quietly. I was a bit shaken by the debacle, and like Marvin, the paranoid android, from the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, I had pains in the diodes all down my left side.

I was cheered up by the arrival of Sandy for coffee and a catch up. He spotted a wren in our garden, but I wasn’t quick enough to catch it and had to make do with the usual suspects.

By lunchtime, I was perky enough to make a pan of lentil and carrot soup.

It must have been good soup, because after lunch, I went out for another look at the rivers, this time under the supervision of Mrs Tootlepedal. It was still raining, but the wind was light and to protect my camera, I sensibly took a large umbrella.

The rivers had risen a bit more, and parts of the park were now under well under water . . .

Some benches were even more submerged than others . . .

. . . but the ducks had found a safe place to paddle about as the rain pelted down.

We left the park and strolled down the Wauchope and up the Esk.

The clouds were hanging low over Whita as we walked, and Mrs Tootlepedal did not hang about as she crossed the bridge. She felt that it was getting a good battering from the onrushing current, but I stopped for long enough to look upstream.

At the Kilngreen we found an old friend sitting on the fence, well above the rushing waters.

We decided to do a three bridges walk, and took in the Sawmill and Jubilee bridges.

The rain did not let up at all and a good deal of really potential autumn colour was wasted.

I only hope that some survives until the next sunny day.

We went along to Pool Corner to check that the retaining wall which controls the flow in the dam behind out house was still standing. It looked quite solid, so we came home a little less nervous than we had been.

There was just enough light left when we got home to be able to see a very soggy greenfinch on the feeder.

After two miles of stretching and moving joints and checking that everything was working well, I was happy to sit out the rest of the day very peacefully while Mrs Tootlepedal did a bit more of her decorating task. I needed a bit of comfort eating though, so I made a batch of Garribaldi biscuits and ate quite a lot of them. Losing weight took second place to soothing the unsettled spirit.

The changeable weather is due to continue for a few days, but not with the same amount of rain, so we should be past the worse. Once again, there were serious floods not far to the north of us and also to the south of us. We have been lucky.

The flying bird of the day is a chaffinch.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

41 thoughts on “Rain fall

  1. You were wise to keep moving after your tumble, as that will likely help minimize stiffness. That’s a crazy amount of water – I hope it doesn’t do damage.

  2. Bad luck about the fall – but you were lucky over your phone. Mine was thoroughly immersed for ten minutes or so recently – though I should now say my former phone. Hope you don’t feel too bruised tomorrow.

    1. I was pleasantly surprised to find the phone working when Mrs T reported that she had found it face down in a puddle. I am sorry to hear about your phone getting drowned.

  3. Hope you’ve recovered from your trip..at least you found your phone and it still works,so not all bad. I suffered a similar fall a few months ago over the tiniest stone on a footpath I’ve walked hundreds of times before,it’s easily done,and I always keep my eyes on the paths now.
    Your river levels have risen dramatically in a few days and look quite disconcerting. According to the forecasts there’s more to come before we’re done.

    1. I fall over on the hills quite regularly because I am looking at the views or wild flowers. The rivers went down quite a lot today in spite of more rain. They drain well.

  4. I am one to notice portents. I apologize but lately you’ve been writing a lot about “fall” weather, and “fall” color. It should come as no surprise at all that a “fall” is the result. I’m glad all is well with you.

    It happened to me yesterday, too, as result of being not quite careful while doing indoor home repair tasks using a ladder. I feel very fortunate that now, a day later, I seem to be okay. But I spent a very unsettling and unrestful night worrying that I might need to visit a doctor.

    1. Ladders get more dangerous as the years go by. I am glad that your experience like mine wasn’t too serious. It is easy to do quite a lot of damage.

  5. Sending well wishes that you’re on the mend and your diodes none the worse for wear. I adore your Grey Heron. Your photos of the flooding are captivating but I hope all recedes quickly, not to recur. Best, Babsje

  6. I am glad you were not seriously injured in that fall, and you got your cell phone back via MRTS. You are getting some serious rain though, and the photos of high water are alarming. Mr. Grumpy and the Mr. Greenfinch do not look pleased at the weather.

    We had a mostly dry day here, though mostly overcast, and unusually warm for this time of year, in the lower 70s. The windows were open for a bit.

  7. Sorry about your fall, very unsettling for both the bones and the spirits. So glad your phone was recovered intact. Your header picture says it all.

    1. The Sands in Dumfries always floods as the name suggests that it might.
      I am recovering from the bump physically but the mental scar from being so careless might take a bit longer to heal. I am bit depressed about being so stupid.

  8. Stay safe and healthy! I just this winter did a fall and broke my hipbone. Even if its been nailed together again I have to crutch my ways.

    1. I am very sorry to hear about your fall and it makes me feel a bit guilty about getting off so lightly from mine. Falling is definitely the down side of getting older.

  9. Sorry to read about your fall. These things happen so quickly and can be so disorientating, I am glad Mrs T was successful in retrieving your phone and even more glad that you seem to have no serious aftereffects. Your photos show a very wet picture indeed and I fear you have more rain in store today.

    1. I was very lucky to end up with no more than a bruised bum and a sore finger. We did get more rain today but it didn’t amount to much in the end.

  10. Those are serious floods that you have to deal with…. Nature makes very strange twists! The one time too dry, the other time an excess of heavenly moisture.

    1. Our weather has become more likely to get stuck at either rain or no rain. In the past, it generally seemed to more changeable. The experts say that this may be to do with the changes in the jet stream.

  11. Ouch! Sorry to hear about your fall, Tom. Luckily you didn’t end up in all that water. I hope you are not suffering any after effects. On the bright side, you found your phone undamaged.

  12. Ignominy, that is, by far, the worst of a fall. Glad to hear you’re OK and all in walking order. The few slips I’ve had on bike were the same, had to jump up immediately to see if anyone witnessed the fall and then feel the pain. Great beech trees in the Netherlands and despite your fall you, yet again, made fabulous use of a gloomy day. Cheers.

  13. That is a shocking amount of water and don’t remember seeing it so high in your blog before. Sorry about your fall. That takes a lot out of a person and comfort food of the sweet sort is always required after a tumble, I find. That is really good that you got your photo back and that it still works.

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