Getting about

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother Andrew. He stopped on his way to Morecambe today to walk up a hill in the Lake District and get a very good view of Glenridding. It was a reasonably calm and dry day here today so a bike ride seemed a sensible way to pass the time.Continue reading “Getting about”

A trouble shared is a trouble doubled as it turns out.

Today’s guest picture comes from our son Tony. He met a lot of traffic as he left East Wemyss for work this morning. Neither of us here was much better this morning, and Mrs Tootlepedal spent most of another day in bed. I was able to get up and fill the bird feeder, which wasContinue reading “A trouble shared is a trouble doubled as it turns out.”

Going to church

Today’s guest picture comes from Mark, who took me on that night time walk yesterday. This was his view of the town taken while it was still dusk, with the moon, Venus and many stars thrown in for good measure. Our local weather station recorded temperatures of -2°C overnight, and it was just below zeroContinue reading “Going to church”


Today’s guest picture comes from our daughter Annie. It shows that it is apple blossom time in London. Spring retreated here today and we were back to decidedly chilly and unsympathetic weather, with a north easterly wind feeling very unkind if you went out into the garden. This didn’t bother Mrs Tootlepedal as much asContinue reading “Cold”

Nearly carpeted

Today’s guest picture comes from my Somerset correspondent Venetia. She is far from home at the moment, and kindly sent me this study of a meadow on the Greek island of Lesvos. We had a slightly chilly but dry day here, and we needed an extra layer when we cycled to church to sing withContinue reading “Nearly carpeted”

A rousing start and a quiet finish

Today’s guest picture comes from my sister Caroline. She got a lift down to the seaside today and enjoyed this view across to Hayling Island. It was a relatively warm day here today, and it was fine as we cycled round to church after an early breakfast. The reason for the prompt start was aContinue reading “A rousing start and a quiet finish”

Reined in (rained in)

Today’s guest picture comes from my Camera Club friend Simon. He was up in the hills at High Cup Nick in the Pennines on that good sunny day earlier in the week when he found this evidence of some very hard working moles. We had another grey and damp day here, but it was asContinue reading “Reined in (rained in)”

Mistified again

Today’s guest picture comes from ex archive group member Ken. He was rather unimpressed by this reservoir in Central Park, New York, but I think that I have probably seen it looking better on sunnier days in several films. We had a stark contrast in the weather today here after yesterday’s glorious sunshine. It rainedContinue reading “Mistified again”

Ducks here and there

Today’s guest picture comes from my recorder playing friend Susan. She took a picture of her father, Dennis (a.ka. Dropscone) walking in an ancient stone circle, part of the Eskdale Prehistoric Trail. He looks quite at home there. Mrs Tootlepedal and I both felt quite ancient today after getting home from Edinburgh at one o’clockContinue reading “Ducks here and there”

The return of the birds

The guest picture of the day comes from my sister Mary. She and my brother Andrew met up with our daughter Annie and granddaughter Evie at the imposing British Museum earlier in the week. It got a little warmer today here, but to counterbalance that, it got a little greyer and a lot wetter. LuckilyContinue reading “The return of the birds”