I can see clearly now

Today’s guest picture comes from our daughter Annie. It was taken this evening, and shows that south London gets fine sunsets too. Even aeroplane vapour trails can look good.

We had a very windy day here today, breezy enough to damage our garage door which I hadn’t wedged open securely. When we looked around, we found that two sections of our fence with one of our neighbours had also been damaged . . .

. . . but we don’t know quite which of the many recent stormy days can claim responsibility for that.

All the same, it was sunny and warm for the time of year (9°C) when I walked up to have coffee with Sandy. He was in good form and fit enough to walk along with me for a while when I went home. He is hoping to walk down for coffee with us later in the week.

The birds were out in force when I set out to go up the hill. I hadn’t filled the feeder and a pair of goldfinches were very determined not to share with anyone else . . .

. . . so I filled the feeder before I left (that was when I failed to sufficiently secure the garage door).

The filled feeder was attracting birds when I got back . . .

. . . but the extra perches had not stopped the squabbling.

I spent quite a bit of time being entertained by the action.

We got a call from the opticians to say that my new glasses were ready, so after lunch we combined a trip to Longtown to pick up the glasses with a trip to a nearby garden centre where Mrs Tootlepedal acquired several small bags of seed potatoes and three big bags of well rotted organic manure.

We had a bit of time in hand, so I took a walk down to the river before going to the optician.

It had turned into a rather grey and chilly afternoon by this time. I walked along the banks of the river Esk . . .

. . . admiring the good work that Longtown moles had done.

I always like the view of the Longtown bridge. . .

. . . and I feel that when you look through this arch . . .

. . . you get a hint of a very attractive world beyond it.

In fact it’s quite a dull piece of ground.

As I walked back to the High Street, I passed a Longtown communication hub . . .

. . . and a typical example of the Longtown attitude towards trees, which can only be described as severe.

I got three pairs of new glasses – music reading, dark glasses and driving glasses – and my long distance ones worked well enough for me to drive home without any incident.

When I say that I got three pairs of new glasses, I should say that I got three pairs of new lenses. Two sets were put into my old frames so I only had to pay for one new frame.

When we got back, there was enough time for me to go for a three bridges walk while Mrs Tootlepedal went to finish putting up the first pair of her new curtains.

I was hoping to see some interesting waterside birds, so I was very pleased to come across an oystercatcher on the banks of the Esk.

Having taken two male mallards on my walk with Mrs Tootlepedal yesterday, I thought I ought to achieve a balance by taking a female mallard today.

The new electric car charging station on the Kilngreen is still not open for customers, although it looks ready in every respect. It has been a long time since they first started work on it.

I walked around the new path on the Castleholm, enjoying some colourful lichen on the branch of a tree.

I looked at a noble fir to see if there were any signs of new cones, but only found three well eaten old cones.

As it was very dry, I scrambled down the bank to look at the Jubilee Bridge from a different angle . . .

. . . and while I was there, I had a second look at the fungus on the felled tree beside the bridge.

Some research tells me that it might be tapioca slime mold.

It looks as though it will be a good year for laurel.

Just before I got home, I paused to admire some lichen on the wall of the old primary school playground.

It was time for a cup of tea when I got in, and then I went up to admire the new curtains.

Very snug.

The rest of the week looks as though it is going to stay warm but be quite frequently windy and often rainy too. It will be a relief when this windy spell finally calms down for more than a moment or two.

In order to maintain the gender balance of the post, there are two flying birds of today, one female chaffinch. . .

. . . and one male.

Published by tootlepedal

Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

27 thoughts on “I can see clearly now

  1. I’ve never seen a tree cut back that severely. It must have a lot of life in it.
    That’s a nice shot of the lichen garden. I don’t recognize the large white slime mold.
    I don’t know anything about curtains but I can appreciate the effort, which looks like it must have been considerable.
    Good to hear that Sandy is still able to get up and around.

  2. I have enjoyed all the photos from your day, and the action at the feeders is always entertaining. Glad to hear Sandy is making steady progress and may walk down for coffee soon.

    Mrs. Tootlepedal’s new curtains are beautiful!

  3. The curtains look fantastic! I bet she didnt even cry once making them, either. Tapioca slime mold sounds revolting. Sorry about the garage door (its always worse when you know you caused it) but, in your defence, those birds were angry!

    1. The garage door damage is modest but will need a professional repair. I would blame myself for the problem but I have been taking lessons from our prime minister so I am blaming everyone else except me.

  4. I’m interested to read that you can have new lenses put into old frames. They won’t do that unless you pay more at our Boots. Mrs T has done a good job on the curtains – as we knew she would

    1. He had a nifty machine that took the dimensions of my frames so that the new lenses slotted in without a problem. I don’t know if he charged me something for doing it.

  5. Sorry about the wind damage: I’ve been thinking that you and Mrs. T. were snug and safe in your stone house, but I forgot about the extras in the garden. If you can’t do the repairs yourselves I hope that local contractors are not too busy with storm-related damage to get to you in a timely fashion. As a last resort, close those lovely new curtains and pretend the fence is still upright!

  6. The curtains look very swish and stylish- amazing talent to be able to make them . I’m green with envy! I checked out your tapioca slime mould…ooh er.. another interesting thing I’ve learnt from your post! Sorry about the wind damage.

  7. “I can see clearly now”, but not a drop of rain? I need to get a new prescription for my reading glasses. hoping to get them supplied, free of charge, by my employer, as I am classed as a monitor viewer. I think the view from under the arch of the bridge is stunning. Cheers,

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