Jam today

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother Andrew. He is on a short holiday and visited Tadcaster on his way to the coast at Scarborough today.

We had another sunny day here, and it didn’t take too long for the temperature to warm up enough for me to be able to go out for a short cycle ride. There was a brisk and chilly wind though, and it was far from warm as I cycled round my familiar Canonbie circuit.

In spite of the sun, it was a hazy day again and the light was very flat, so although I stopped to take pictures of two old friends as I cycled up the hill out of Wauchopedale . . .

. . . it didn’t feel like a good day for stopping for more pictures, and I battled on into the cold wind down the hill to Canonbie.

It was just as well that I was going quite slowly into the breeze because just before I got to the bottom of the bypass, there was a ghastly crunching noise and my bicycle came to a rapid stop. If I had been going any faster, I might well have been tipped over the handlebars. I dismounted safely though, and looked for the cause of the sudden arrest.

It was easy to see. Gravel had been swept up from the road and got jammed between my front tyre and the mudguard. My mudguards have a safety feature which means that the stays come away under pressure, and this should have prevented the jamming. However, in this case, the stays themselves had come away from the mudguard and become jammed between the brakes, the frame, and the tyre. I was beginning to think that I might have to call upon the MTRS, but I managed to disengage the stays, pack them away, and pedal home with a gently rubbing mudguard, but without further incident.

I cheered myself up with pictures of forsythia and celandine in the garden.

As you can only buy mudguards in sets of two, front and back, and I have previously suffered from a broken back mudguard, I have a brand new spare front mudguard on a shelf ready to put on my bike, if my aged fingers can cope with some fiddly work. Time will tell.

Mrs Tootlepedal had made lentil soup for lunch, and buoyed up by this, we went for a three bridges walk after lunch.

Having Mrs Tootlepedal on the walk was a double bonus, firstly because it meant that she is steadily recovering from feeling poorly, and secondly because it meant another pair of eyes. Between us we saw quite a few birds.

Not bad we thought for a short walk beside the river.

We also saw the race course rails laid out in preparation for the new racing season . . .

. . . and a flourishing dandelion . . .

. . . complete with insect.

Back in the garden, we were pleased to note that the vinca which Mrs Tootlepedal had planted when we relaid the drive slabs last year are beginning to flower freely.

After a cup of tea, it was time for me to drive to Carlisle for choir practice. As I went out to the car, I saw a small tortoiseshell butterfly land on a flowerbed. I rushed back to get a camera, but inevitably, by the time that I came out, it had flown away.

I made do with a bumble bee on the winter flowering honeysuckle.

In the absence of our regular conductor, we had yet another conductor for today’s practice. He was absolutely excellent. As we were allowed to sing without masks, and I had a good singer sitting next to me, I got much needed fun and therapy from singing this afternoon. I have been depressed by the international situation, as doubtless everyone else is too, but this two hours of music made me feel better than I could possibly have hoped.

The flying bird of the day is that black headed gull, going off muttering about intrusive photographers.

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29 thoughts on “Jam today

  1. It was nice to see the Forsythia blossoms. They’ll be blooming here soon, in almost every yard all over town.
    It’s good luck that you have a spare mudguard. I’ve never had to replace one.
    I’m glad to hear that Mrs. T. was able to get out and enjoy spring.

  2. Love the Black-headed Gull. You’re also getting very lucky with the Pied Wagtails. Glad Mrs. T is feeling better and your singing without masks gives me hope, yes, in the midst of all the turmoil.

  3. While I have enjoyed looking at all of your photographs, I admire the detail in your dandelion picture. I find yellow flowers are particularly difficult to photograph. I too am pleased to learn that Mrs T is feeling up to a walk.

  4. Loved all that variety of birds down by the river and glad you didn’t come to grief when the gravel affected your mudguard. Good news that the choir was such fun.

  5. I am glad you did not go sailing over the handlebars. The photos are lovely, and I am glad Mrs. Tootlepedal felt well enough to go for a walk with you. The flowing water and pied wagtails make for a couple of very artistic shots. One can almost feel the current.

  6. Looks like you both had a lovely walk in the sunshine. Thank goodness you didn’t go over the handlebars…I wonder what your post title would have read then! Love all the photos of the birds and the photo of the insect on the dandelion is amazing!

  7. Thankfully luck was on your side today,but after some of the slips youโ€™ve had walking you deserve it.
    I donโ€™t have mudguards but then Iโ€™m a fair weather cyclist,if that ๐Ÿค”
    Your wagtail shots were superb and some spring flowers we need cheering up right now.

  8. Those pictures of the forsythia and celandine are so sunshiny pretty! Very nice series of birds seen during your riverwalk, glad to be hearing Mrs T is feeling much better too.

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