Today’s guest picture shows Christmas fun in Derby.  My brother Andrew, who took the picture, tells me that he has resisted the temptations of the helter skelter so far.  It was my favourite when I was young. While it was still quite windy, we at least had a day without rain today.  As we wereContinue reading “Disappointment”

Just in time

Today’s guest picture comes from my sister Mary who enjoyed a spell of good weather in the Lake District last week.  It shows Grasmere. We had a bit of good weather here today but only a bit and fortunately it came just at the time that Dropscone and I were out on the morning run. Continue reading “Just in time”

Conspiracy against photographers

Today’s guest picture comes from my sister Mary who paid a recent visit to Derby.  It shows a stretch of the Cromford canal. The weather is conspiring against my wish to take photos for my posts at the moment.  We are getting some reasonable spells in the mornings and I use these to go cycling. Continue reading “Conspiracy against photographers”

A day in

Today’s picture shows New Zealand’s finest child, Maisie helping  to bathe her brand new little sister Frances in a very grown up sort of way. After an awful spring and a wonderful summer, we are now enjoying a curiously muted autumn.  It has been very grey, often wet but always very consistent in temperature.  ThereContinue reading “A day in”