Today’s picture is of fellow blogger, Gavin who came to visit this afternoon.


As you can see from the picture above, the weather was a lot better today. Although it remained fairly windy, you were not afraid to walk underneath a tree or a chimney pot.

These sparrows, seen just after breakfast show the improvement from yesterday.


Dropscone is a bit poorly after the excitement of his birthday and bearing the stiff wind in mind, I decided to give the morning pedal a miss in spite of the sunny weather.

This geranium is flowering well in spite of the rain

This gave me the chance to put yet another week of the E&L into the database and I have nearly caught up with the indexers again. I hope to do some more work on Archive Group stuff tomorrow as I have to wait in for a potential carpet fitter arrival.

As usual, I found a little time to peer at some birds.

A chaffinch surrounded by potential plums.
sparrow siskin chaffinch
Action at the sunflower seeds
A chaffinch coming into land

The major business of the day today was to man the Tourist Information Point at the Kilngreen for the afternoon for the first time this season. The building was flooded during the severe winter when a pipe burst but the Langholm Initiative has got it back in full working order and it looks very good.


One of the Heritage Trail information boards has been put on the side of the building.


I took the camera along as I didn’t expect to be very busy. Usually when people take pictures down river from this point, they focus on the bridge and the river but I thought the trees on Stubholm Bank were so gorgeous that they deserved a shot to themselves.

stubholm bank

And I always like a lone tree too. This one is on the Castleholm.


I was right to imagine that I wouldn’t be very busy but I had hoped for at least one visitor. Luckily I had a couple of interesting crosswords to do and a nice little flask of hot coffee so the two and a half hours without anyone coming in passed not too badly.

When I came out, I took a picture or two before going home.

Looking up the Esk towards Timpen
Two ducks keeping half an eye on me

When I got home, I got the push mower out and mowed the two lawns and then I got the electric hover mower out and mowed the washing green and the back grass. In a final fit of lawn care enthusiasm, I got the edger out and edged both lawns. I am not by nature a very tidy person but there is little that gives me more pleasure than contemplating a closely mowed, neatly edged lawn in the evening sunlight. I would have taken a picture of them but in the end, one piece of grass looks very like another.

After I had finished the mowing, I had a wander round to see if anything had come out and was rewarded by two new roses.

yellow rose

pink rose

I am trying to create a record of Mrs Tootlepedal’s garden year so I took a picture of this geranium to show that it is still flowering well.


In the evening, I went with Susan to Carlisle to play with our recorder group and once again, we had a very pleasant evening of playing. There is even a rumour of a gig in the Autumn to keep us keen. We had a brisk conversation towards the end as to the relative merits of feeling the pulse of a two beat bar like a proper musician or counting in four to make sure you don’t get lost like me. I appreciate the merits of being a musician and I hope one day I will magically turn into one.  Tea and delicious biscuits rounded off the evening as always.

I end with a picture of a pigeon doing the pigeon equivalent of the goose step. I suppose it is a pigeon step.


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7 thoughts on “Pointless

  1. Great shots of beautiful Langholm. Thank you for those!
    Who made the “Notable Locals” list…. I was trying madly to see who was on there. Anyone I might know?!

  2. Liked the pigeon doing its step and the roses particularly. Where is the new carpet going? Send us a picure when it is fitted.

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