Boxing clever

Another picture of my brother’s Christmas to make up for our grey days.  He’s getting ready to swim here.swimsuit

We are in a period of very consistent weather at the moment, grey and windy.   The idea of a little boxing day outing was not very attractive but it was quite warm and not actually raining in the morning so we all piled into the car and I set off to the moorland bird feeding station to do my stint of filling up the feeders while Cat, the project manager, is on holiday.

We dropped Pat and Susan off at Skippers on the way and they walked the mile back from there and then after I had topped up the feeders, Mrs Tootlepedal and Mary set off to walk the two and a half miles home while I waited around hoping to see some birds.


There was not much in the interesting bird line at the feeders…

blue tit
A blue tit tries the peanuts


There were quite a lot of chaffinches scuttling about

..but the fact that the feeders were still pretty full when I arrived didn’t fill me with much hope that there were a lot of birds about so I didn’t hang around for too long.

There were more birds in our garden than up on the moor.

Goldfinches showing off their back and front plumage


 green finch
A green finch turned up
One of the handful of siskins we have at the moment

There are still a good flock of chaffinches around as well.

After the ladies’ morning walks, we had a light lunch of ends and then went out mob handed for another walk. This time we went across the bridge on to the Castleholm and round the new path.

setting off
On our way. We come in all shapes and sizes.

One of the benefits of winter walking is that, even if the light is not very good, you can get a clear view of things that are obstructed by leaves in the summer.  This is the new footbridge over the Esk. It is quite an impressive structure.

new bridge

This is the castle. It is not so impressive.

Langholm Castle
It was demolished by royal command.

It used to be quite impressive.

Langholm castle signboard

This is the picture on a information board by the new walk.

I was pleased to see that the heron was in position at the Kilngreen but my little camera was not up to the task of taking its picture.

Exhausted by all this walking, the ladies indulged in some sofa surfing in front of the telly while I watched a broadcast of  Edinburgh playing Glasgow at rugby. The attendance was very good at 13,000 equalling the number at a top football match in the city yesterday.  It was an exciting draw at 23-23 with the very strong winds making playing quite tricky.

We followed this up with a light evening meal of more delicious ends and another highly entertaining couple of games of Oh Hell.  Once again, I managed to avoid the embarrassment of coming top of the leaderboard.  It is an aptly name game.

Our visitors go home tomorrow and we have had a delightful time over Christmas.  It has only been a pity that the weather has been so grim that we haven’t been able to enjoy an outing.



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13 thoughts on “Boxing clever

  1. You should have been at the Woll Golf Club yesterday where Tom Stothart won the Winter Trip Cup with 41 points. (what wind)

  2. It looks like everyone’s had a nice stay, gray days aside. It’s been fairly similar here. Mild, but quite windy and overcast with just the odd glint of sun to tantalise. Hope S, M and P have safe travels home.

  3. I very much enjoyed the walks, they may have been short but they were quality enabling me to breathe in some really first class air, so different from London.

  4. I am easily impressed by even the suggestion of stone ruins as we don’t have much of that in Western Canada.

    I like the footbridge. I am always happy to see resources invested in non-automotive infrastructure.

    Finally, I have just realized that I might be in danger of learning to recognize sevaral varieties of British birds by sight. This is a skill that I had not forseen acquiring.

    1. The bridge was built so that the school children could get to some new playing fields across the river.

      We have plenty of ruins round here as it was a very unsettled part of the country in times gone by.

      I am sure that being able to recognise British birds will enhance your life enormously.

  5. Very enjoyable walks, and all in the dry! I did not realize that our efforts had been recorded. Excellent delicious left-overs, also cards went well ( I did a bit better than usual! Many thanks to Mr and Mrs T.for giving us such an enjoyable stay.

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