On song

It was a grey and gloomy day today and I needed a very cheerful guest picture.  Matilda kindly assisted by sending me this picture of her teaching her dad how to swim.  He seems to be enjoying it.  She takes her teaching task seriously.

matilda swimmingThe forecast offered Dropscone and me a window of opportunity for a dry cycle ride after breakfast but in the event it was more like a arrow slit than a window and it started raining lightly on us after eleven miles.  Luckily we had just turned and put the wind behind us at this point and light rain is much less of a nuisance if the wind is following you rather than in your face.  The rain was a bit half hearted anyway so we got back dry enough to enjoy our coffee and scones without having to change.

The rest of the day remained mainly dry but very grey and photography was not really among the recommended pastimes.  I did go out into the garden to try to take as many of the remaining flowers as I could. To have such a big choice was a delight this late in the year and is a tribute to the continuing mild weather….though some of the pictured flowers are the very last of the crop.  The list starts with some that are just hanging on.

sweet peas
Sweet peas
Icelandic poppy
Icelandic poppy
Japanese anemone
Japanese anemone
Cotoneaster, not a flower but very colourful

And continues with the ones doing well.

Special Grandma
Special Grandma

FuchsiaAnd ends with a cheat.

Winter Jasmine
Winter Jasmine

I failed to take a decent picture of one of the many nasturtiums that are still out and one or two other flowers defeated me as well.

After lunch, Mrs Tootlepedal suggested a walk but I had given my bad knee a bit if a twist, ironically while walking back from a visit to the Heath Centre after coffee, so I stayed in while she went out.  I put the time to good use though by updating the Langholm Walks website which has been a bit neglected.  The Walks Group have produced a very snazzy new pack for their walks with a separate card for each walk and an OS map extract printed on the back of each card.

The walks are well used by people who come to the town especially to try them and must have brought quite a bit of business to the High Street over the years since they were started.  I noticed that the photo page of the website was rather outdated and needs to be redesigned.  The pictures are quite old too and  when I get my new knee, I hope that I will be able to get about some of the walks and take some fresh photos.  If any local reader has some good ones taken recently, I would welcome a contribution to the page.

It was really too grey to take pictures of the birds and they weren’t very co-operative either.

Either turning their backs to the camera…
…or arriving too early for me.

If I did get one in the right place, it was raining and gloomy.

chaffinchIn the evening, we went off to a practice for our local choir, Langholm Sings.  It was better organised than usual and we did a lot of work on a new medley of well known Great War songs.  As with anything new though, there was a lot to learn and we were far from having mastered it by the end of the evening. Home study is required.

At the end of the practice, our choirmaster, who has not been at all well lately, announced that he was giving up his post.  It was quite a relief to us in a way, as it was obvious that trying to get us to sing properly was getting to be too much for him and we were fearing for his health.  Happily, he is still going to come and sing with us which will be a bonus.

The flying bird of the day was another one that was too quick for me.  It was only still flying because some avian hooligan had knocked one of the perches off the feeder but it was the best that I could do.


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19 thoughts on “On song

  1. Maybe in a few years Matilda can take over as choir director, she looks to be a stern taskmaster. 😉

    Keep the flower photos coming for as long as they hold out, several frosty mornings here have wiped out the ones where I live, so your photos are the only flowers I have a chance to see right now.

  2. Good to have so many colours still in your garden – pleased to see a sweet pea hanging on.
    Matilda is taking her job seriously, as you say.

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