Parenting pays off

Today’s guest picture comes from camera club member Simon.  He lives in Canonbie and took a walk to visit the old railway bridge over the Esk below the village.  He sent me this picture to add to my bridge collection.

railway bridge kirkandrews

I followed doctor’s instructions to have a quiet day in again today, and the pain that such slightly boring activity brought was alleviated by the fact that it was a dull, windy, grey day outside in the morning and it got worse and wetter in the afternoon. I wasn’t missing much.

My brain is not quite at its peak so I spent some time making bread twice. The first time was a complete failure because I think that I didn’t make sure the the paddle in the bread maker was securely in position and I ended up with a very curious but definitely dead concoction.  The second effort was more successful.

I made some soup for lunch which worked at the first time of asking.

There weren’t a lot of birds about today but a couple of siskins did appear on the feeder…

two siskins

…although the light was so poor that I couldn’t take a good picture of them.

Our garden residents put in an appearance, with a dunnock…

dunnock on tray

…and a blackbird on the tray…

blackbird looking around

…and the robin on a hedge.

robin on hedge

A dunnock kindly tried some trampolining to keep me entertained…

dunnock trampolining

…but mostly I kept myself occupied by doing some Langholm Archive work.  I put a couple of weeks of the Eskdale and Liddesdale Advertiser index into the database and tried to make some progress with my PHP problems.

Reading the manual made my head hurt so I phoned up our younger son and called for help.  He is a computer programmer to trade and had written a lot of the original code for the affected pages.  He generously offered to help and at the time of writing the repairs are going well and most of the repair work has been done.  Mrs Tootlepedal is going to make a sticky toffee pudding to take up as a reward tomorrow.

In the evening a friend came round for a little singing practice and I demonstrated breathing techniques with such enthusiasm that I had another dizzy spell and alarmed her considerably.  You might think that I should be old enough to be sensible but you would be wrong.

However, I recovered after a few minutes and was able to eat the excellent evening meal which Mrs Tootlepedal had provided.  As it involved bubble and squeak, I was pleased not to have missed it.

I am going to have another very quiet day tomorrow with light breathing only.  It is going to be wet and windy again which will help.

A siskin is trying to see where the flying bird of the day went.  I didn’t see it either.

siskin with head screwed on


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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

27 thoughts on “Parenting pays off

  1. Poor you being struck down again. I don’t think that you and resting go very well together. Glad you recovered enough to eat bubble and squeak, what a treat!

  2. Winter is a good time to take it easy. I always love your bird pics – and the last picture and caption made me laugh. I had to look up “Bubble and Squeak” and “Sticky Toffee Pudding”. The former is a bit of inspiration to my frugal soul. The latter looks amazing but very difficult.

  3. I’ve managed to start my breadmaker up at least twice with NO paddle. Fortunately the whirring sound is so different tbat I have realised it straightaway. But it’s a very messy job rushing to rectify things before the yeast gets going,

  4. I am glad Alistair was able to help with the PHP code. Sticky toffee sounds like a nice reward. Hope the dizziness passes quickly and does not return.

    I have enjoyed all your photos. Glad to see your dunnocks are hanging in with you. A friend in Sicily (they are from here originally) sent a disturbing article from the Cornell Sun.–m3iwZkksbRk72UAu00AH2VBArSnjjmRYI.

  5. That’s a nice shot of the bridge. Good depth of field.
    The robin is a great watcher.
    I don’t remember deep breathing making my dizzy spells worse but it was a while ago. In any event I hope yours pass quickly and quietly.

  6. Glad youre taking it easy – I understand how difficult it is to do very little when there’s so much to do. I guess swoony crooning is off the playlist for now.

  7. Have only just kept up with your indisposition and hope that you are unspinning as you should and that it is only a passing phase of ‘there’s a lot of it about’.

  8. Sons….and daughters …can be very useful…it’s amazing what they’ve picked up! Wives are brilliant too especially ones that make bubble and squeak!Your bridge collection is coming along nicely.

  9. “You might think that I should be old enough to be sensible but you would be wrong.”

    If Mrs T has a spare moment in between crafting, gardening, cooking and visiting, perhaps she could give us an opinion on your age and ability to be sensible.

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