More snowdrops than raindrops

Today’s guest picture is another much needed dose of sunshine, this time from Derby. My brother Andrew saw an inviting bench, but he tells me that as soon as he sat on it, the sun went in.

We had another day of persistent rain here but it stayed reasonable warm and the wind wasn’t as bad as it had been yesterday. All the same, it didn’t make going out very attractive so I put up with another hour on the bike to nowhere in the garage after coffee.

By the time that I got back from nowhere, an engineer had come to service our boiler and parked his van right in front of the bird feeder. Bird pictures were scarce today.

Mostly I shot sitting birds…

…and wandered round the garden in a light drizzle admiring the snowdrops which are not put off by rain..

…and sympathising with the crocuses which are.

In a definite sign of spring, the first frog spawn has appeared in the pond, even though I haven’t actually seen a frog yet.

The engineer left and I saw a chaffinch and a siskin on the feeder at lunch time..

…and then went for another wet walk after lunch.

As it wasn’t as windy as yesterday, I was able to take an umbrella and keep quite dry so I enjoyed the outing.

Approaching the Kirk Brig, I saw the resident dipper on its favourite rock…

…and a kenspeckle figure lurking behind one of the arches.

The river was too high to see any oystercatchers so I walked on past the Kilngreen, over the Sawmill Brig and up the Lodge Walks.

Mist has hanging on the hills…

…and I had to leap over a big puddle…

…and dodge the many fallen small twigs and branches brought down by the strong winds…

…but the rewards were fine lichens on a tree (which may or may not have appeared on this blog previously as I can’t pass lichen like these with out a shutter click)…

…and a really good display of snowdrops at Holmhead.

I walked up through the snowdrops…

…and took the top path back towards the town.

…passing other keen walkers defying the weather on my way, and some more script lichen.

When I got back to the Lodge Walks, I went home by way of the Castleholm and the Duchess Bridge in the hope of seeing some good hazel catkins and checking to see if any hazel flowers might be looking ready to come out.

There were many catkins and some flowers were out too.

The flowers are tiny (you can just see a spot of red behind and to the right of the catkins if you look very carefully in the left panel) and the light was not good enough to take a decent picture. I took one anyway just to record this welcome sign of spring. Looking at my files, I see that I saw frog spawn and hazel flowers at about this time last year so things are going to plan.

There are a lot of catkins about this year.

It started to rain more heavily as I crossed the Duchess Bridge so I put the camera away and headed for home without delay.

I got another treat when I got back when Mrs Tootlepedal made scones to go with our afternoon tea. I had accidentally bought some cream on my shopping trip so we had a proper cream tea with scones, whipped cream and strawberry jam. The day seemed brighter.

The regular sibling Zoom brought the active part of the day to a close. We are promised better weather tomorrow so perhaps the photographs will be a little less soggy in tomorrow’s post.

The flying bird of the day is a chaffinch trying to hide behind the feeder.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

33 thoughts on “More snowdrops than raindrops

  1. It’s so nice to see so many signs of spring, even closed the crocuses are beautiful and the drifts of snowdrops are like what you’d see in a painting.
    My favorites though are the hazel blossoms and catkins. They shout that spring has arrived and the frogs heard their shouts.
    I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again; you live in a very beautiful place. We had a day of above freezing temps today so hopefully we’ll catch up with you before long.

    1. It is true that our surroundings still give pleasure on any but the most relentlessly gloomy days. We are very aware of how lucky we are with our hills even if we don’t have the grandeur of mountains around us.

  2. Amazing how many things just happen to fall into your shopping cart – and none of them seem to be vegetables, either!

  3. Frog eggs are a sure sign of spring. I hope you don’t get more freezing weather. We’re almost into March now. Your hazelnut photos reminded me that I should take a look at our own grove and look for the female flowers. The catkins are hanging long and golden. It was actually sunny and 55 here today!

    Those snowdrops are very good colonizers, and a welcome sight in spring.

  4. I have noticed all the catkins here in the Neath Valley, which seems to make a positive statement about Spring to come. That’s about as positive it gets for me, I am afraid. Yesterday, saw me attempt to put some rubbish in a bin on the High Street here in Glynneath. As I walked toward it my right leg slid from under me, while my gammy left leg folded in various directions, twisting both my ankle and my knee. It was if it was all in slow motion. Fortunately a pair of girls from the local care home were passing at the time, and they helped me to my feet. I managed to get home, spent the afternoon in A & E, and now have to wait till Monday to see the people in the fracture clinic. The brace is extremely uncomfortable, and everything throbs, but I have to keep it on until my appointment. Couldn’t make it up! It seems I slid on some very wet green mold on the pavement. Stay upright and safe cheers.

    1. What rotten luck, especially when you were doing the right thing with the litter. Knees and ankles are painful things so you have my full sympathy with regard to the pain. I hope that you get good news from the fracture clinic.

      1. Same here, my left knee appears to be a magnet for pain. It’s going to be a nail biting time till Monday. Cheers.

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