Steady progress

Today’s guest picture comes from my sister Susan who met an unexpected animal at St Pancras.  She thinks that there may be more roaming the streets of London. I had a day of steady but gentle activity today.  It was rather grey in the morning so I was happy to look at the hymns forContinue reading “Steady progress”


Today’s guest picture was taken by my brother recently when walking part way along the Ruapehu round-the-mountain trail in NZ.  They are obliviously very keen on board walks there. My day today, like all Gaul in the time of Julius Caesar, was divided into three parts.  The morning was spent cycling, the afternoon, recovering fromContinue reading “Peaking”

Rain stopped play

Today’s guest picture shows a spectacular display of blossom at Kenwood where my sister Mary was taking a walk. My hip was considerably better today but sadly the weather was considerably worse.  It remained mostly dry for long enough for me to go for a short pedal but the wind was so strong at timesContinue reading “Rain stopped play”