Below the wind

Today’s guest picture comes from our son Tony in sunny East Wemyss. There was an extra ingredient to his sunny view today. Eight inches of it.

We had another gentle overnight sprinkle of snow here and woke up to another cold but fine day. Although the temperature was much the same as yesterday, something in the air made it feel much colder when I poked my nose out of the back door.

I poked it back in again pretty sharply, and after reading the newspapers, doing the crossword and drinking coffee, I managed to find enough interesting music to keep me cycling to nowhere in the garage for an hour.

I saw an enraged siskin before I went cycling….

…and a chaffinch trying to remain anonymous when I had finished…

…but it was a very quiet day for birds. I didn’t take another picture until after lunch when two chaffinches appeared at the feeder…

…and a dunnock turned up down below.

We considered the possibility of a walk. Mrs Tootlepedal felt that the cold wind and the prospect of slippery tracks could not compete with the pleasures of staying in and doing some embroidery, so I went off by myself.

Mrs Tootlepedal was quite right about the wind so I chose a sheltered route among trees as far as possible. I got an early treat when I was crossing the Park Brig. A dipper was singing loudly just below the bridge and posed for a portrait.

There were several slippery patches on the way up the hill, but I got safely to the top of the Kernigal wood…

…and took another sometimes slippery track along the top of the wood and down to Skippersclecuh and the river.

It was odd to see that there seemed to more snow on the path than on the top of Whita Hill.

I had got up the hill not too badly but I thought it best to put on my Yaktrax to come down to the river…

…but by the time that I had walked along the road and up to the oak woods at Jenny Noble’s Gill…

…I was able to take them off again.

It was a delight to be in the wood and enjoy my surroundings….

…but I still had to keep an eye on where I was going….

…as there were often frozen patches under the thin layer of snow on the path. (I was expecting to see more hair ice but there was hardly any about.) It was cold.

Still, out of the wind and with the sun shining on me in a friendly manner, it was a good day to be out for a walk. I stopped beside the Round House for the view over the town…

…and once again was struck by the contrast between the snowy path that I had just been walking along and the total absence of snow in the view.

I walked down to Skippers Bridge and took the riverside path back to town in the hope of seeing something interesting.

Perhaps I wasn’t paying enough attention but the only things to catch my eye were a bit of lichen on a fence…

…and the church reflected in the Wauchope Water just before I got home.

The need for care as I walked meant that a relatively short four and a half mile walk had taken enough time for me to get home just as Mrs Tootlepedal had finished cooking a batch of surprise drop scones to go with our afternoon tea.

They found a home.

When it came to the sibling Zoom later on, it appeared that we had all been suffering from low temperatures but we had all managed a walk. We will have to get used to it, as the cold weather is forecast to stay with us for the rest of the week. It is -4°C (25°F) outside as I write this.

In the meantime, we won’t complain too much as long as we get more of the sunshine that illuminated today’s flying bird of the day.

Published by tootlepedal

Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

28 thoughts on “Below the wind

  1. Always nice to see your dunnock,a quiet and unassuming fellow.
    Great close up of the dipper,he/she seems to be giving you the beady eye 😉
    Another hour on the static bike..your a glutton for punishment,well done.
    Those drop scones look similar to what I used to know as scotch pancakes?
    Lovely shot of your lovely town…
    I often wonder how all your little tracks,woods streams and hills got their many varied and unusual names🤔q

    1. Pretty well every geographical feature round the town has a name and it would mostly come from the needs of tenant farmers and the landlord making sure that everyone knew whose bit of ground was whose. Lots of the knowes have the same name such as Black Knowe.

  2. Glad the sun shone on you as you walked. The portrait of the dipper was excellent and the drop scones looked delicious lucky you.

  3. I’m glad you got such a good shot of the posing dipper.
    Speaking of Dropscones, I hope he is doing well. His absence from your blog is like a door was left open.
    Beautiful shots of the snowy woodland trails. They look much like ours.

  4. A cold and beautiful winter walk, and a lovely panel of ice. Our mornings can be cold, down in the 20s, but your daytime temperatures seem to be running much lower than ours at the moment. I very much enjoyed the birds, too. Here I am mainly seeing towhees, juncos and chickadees, with a few bluejays.

  5. I too miss hearing about Dropscone and am pleased when Sandy gets a mention. Beautiful scenery again, but today my award goes to the flying bird of the day 🙂

  6. So many lovely, sunlit photos on your walk today, and a lichen as well. I appreciate the photo of the drop scones; I never really had a good mental picture of them, when you would mention Dropscone dropping by with them.

    1. Oddly enough, Dropscone generally brings griddle scones with him and only occasionally drop scones. But I haven’t seen either for ages thanks to the pandemic.

  7. Nice to be able to enjoy the environement. I love the church and the collection of ice formations, als well as the picture of the lichen.

  8. A lovely wintry walk especially with the sunshine too. I like the photo of the church with its reflection..very gothic. Your tea time treats seem to get better and better…it’s good to be spoilt!

  9. Tony’s 8″ of snow in one session beats the snowfalls we’ve had so far. Nice that you had some sun for your walk. It’s very sunny here as well, and has been for days. Mind you, it’s going down to -40 tonight, and -41 tomorrow, and I don’t think the sun will help much with that!

  10. I like “Below the wind” it brings to mind maritime films, such as “Afore the Mast” or maybe “Above the Wind”, that could be a gliding film? Great picture of that dipper, and the scenic ones as well. I actually went out for an hour on my bike this morning I thought it was just cold but dry. Of course I forgot that in several places the B4242 has water flowing across it, which with the gritting, salting and traffic has turned into a slushy slippery concoction to pedal over. Fortunately, I had my wits about me, so avoided any kind of calamity. I felt, I needed to go out as a preamble to getting needled at 13.40 today. Her indoors was told to take it easy after her vaccination, for a couple of days, and is insistent that I should do the same ( I wonder does that include avoiding decorating? ).The jab went very well, and there were plenty of jabees being throughput a very well oiled inoculating machine, consisting of dozens of air force, civilians, volunteers etc.. I couldn’t fault the experience, save for the fact that everyone had to travel by car to get to the venue?

    1. It is those bits where water flows across the road and then freezes that keep off my bike when temperatures are low. Luckily we have had good walking weather. I am glad that you got your jab safely but it was a pity that you had to drive to get it.

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