Hovering about

Today’s guest picture comes from my Welsh correspondent Keiron. He has got an electric bike too, and sent me this idyllic picture from one of his recent rides. We had another fine and warm day here today, but there was a brisk wind, so I was happy to let my bike have a day offContinue reading “Hovering about”

A visit to hospital

Today’s guest picture goes to show that the sun continues to shine in East Wemyss. You have to be up at six o’clock in the morning though, as our son Tony was yesterday, if you want to catch views like this. It was a first rate morning for cycling here today, dry, warm and withContinue reading “A visit to hospital”

Stepping back

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother Andrew. He is on a trip to London and took the opportunity to visit Regent’s Park to have coffee with my sister Mary after she had played tennis there this morning. I was very disappointed when I woke up today to find that yesterday’s trip to Longtown toContinue reading “Stepping back”

A sermon, a song and a stroll

Today’s guest picture comes from ex Archive Group member Ken. When he visited Wallington National Trust garden today, he came across this creative use of a tree damaged by Storm Arwen It was far from stormy here today as it stayed grey, calm, and with a reasonable temperature all day. We cycled to church asContinue reading “A sermon, a song and a stroll”

A pedal and a prayer

Today’s guest picture comes from our daughter Annie who is in Abu Dhabi at the moment. She says that it is almost as good as being in East Wemyss. We were neither in East Wemyss nor Abu Dhabi today so we were not surprised to wake up to another cold, grey day with a north-easterlyContinue reading “A pedal and a prayer”

A song and a stroll

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother Andrew. He was walking through Regents Park in London yesterday on his way to have coffee with my sister Mary after her game of tennis when he passed the Triton and Dryads fountain. After a promise of a week of grey weather ahead, we got rather excited whenContinue reading “A song and a stroll”

Songs of various types

Dropscone has been on holiday in Malta and today’s guest picture, which he sent to me from there, indicates that he was probably not starving, even though there don’t seem to be any scones on offer. We had another grey and blustery day here today, but it stayed dry apart from a smattering of drizzleContinue reading “Songs of various types”

A song, a stroll and a sermon

Today’s guest picture comes from my Somerset correspondent, Venetia. She visited Marjorie Fish’s East Lambrook Manor garden where she found some very pretty aconites, and there was even a bee as a bonus. The weather gods kindly delivered us a slightly warmer, slightly less grey and somewhat less windy day today, perfect for winter cycling.Continue reading “A song, a stroll and a sermon”


Today’s guest picture comes from our son Tony in East Wemyss. He wondered for a moment today if he was seeing a comet streaking across the sky, but it was nothing more exciting than an aeroplane catching the evening light. We had another ten-ten morning here today, 10°C inside the house and -10° outside. AContinue reading “Dislegsia”

Warming up

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother Andrew. Like us, he had a chilly but bright day today and he liked this sunny church which he saw on his walk. With our gas boiler out of action, the house cooled down a lot overnight and it was a rather miserable 10°C downstairs when we gotContinue reading “Warming up”