Back again

Today’s guest picture comes from ex archive group member Ken, who now lives in the north east of England. He was visiting a wetland area at Whitley Bay when he came across these Dartmoor ponies. They are at the wetland site for two or three months to manage the vegetation.

We had a lovely spring day here today. There was nothing to be said against it at all. We talked to our neighbours Irving and Libbie across the garden fence, and had coffee in the garden with our neighbour Margaret for the first time this year. Our neighbour Liz joined us after her regular morning walk and it was a genuinely hopeful sort of day all round.

I was employed as assistant gardener and did some trimming of shrubs under supervision, but I had plenty of time to walk round the garden enjoying the sunshine.

The first Scilla of the season has come out to join the crocuses, and the first miniature daffodil has arrived too. There were bees about investigating the hellebore and snowdrop.

My back is giving me some trouble this evening, so this post may be a bit disjointed. As I don’t want to sit in one position for too long, I have squashed the day’s photos into panels and I am going to keep the text to a minimum. (Can I hear a sigh of relief from long suffering readers?)

There were a lot of frogs about in the pond. Some were sitting and looking around….

…and some were getting up close and personal. This was a living embodiment of the phrase “piling in”.

I also had time to watch the birds throw seed about…

…and keep the feeder looking busy.

We cut a few more branches off one of the buddleias and built up the new fake bush beside the bird feeder to go with the fake tree. The chaffinches like them both.

My favourite garden shot of the morning was this one. It seemed to sum up the cheerful nature of the day very well.

My back was a bit niggly but not too bad at lunch time, so I decided to go for a bike ride in the afternoon to try to loosen it off. I had a look at the birds before I left. There were comings and goings.

Because we don’t go to petrol stations any more, I have bought a nifty self contained battery powered tyre inflator for our car, and I tested it out on my bike today. It seemed to work very well.

The bike ride round my customary Canonbie circuit went smoothly and I was able to wear a lot less clothing than recently. This helped me maintain a better average pace without trying too hard. I stopped to catch two oystercatchers in a field at Grainstonehead…

…and the three sisters on the opposite side of the road.

It was a such a springlike day that it was almost a disappointment to find that the trees along the River Esk at the Hollows are still leafless.

At least there were lambs in the field beside the Hollows Tower to make a spring picture…

…though the chap whose job it is to erect poles with wires in front of every scenic view had been working overtime.

I made one last stop to take a picture of the bridge from which I had taken a picture of another bridge on yesterday’s ride.

I got home in good order but my back steadily got worse as the evening went on. I managed to cook a cauliflower cheese with parsnips and sautéed potatoes for our evening meal but after that, I was into full groaning Quasimodo mode.

It is not a problem in any serious way, as a mixture of rest and judicious exercise will soon sort it out, but it is annoying when it happens, especially as it was probably caused by something that I did days ago and never noticed at the time.

The flying bird of the day, a siskin, is not supremely well focussed but at least it isn’t yet another chaffinch.

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24 thoughts on “Back again

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your back. I know what it’s like. There is nothing else quite like it.
    It was nice to see the scilla and the daffodil but your favorite garden shot is mine too.
    I’m glad you had such a beautiful day weather wise. I hope tomorrow is just as nice, and pain free as well.

  2. It sounds as though those ponies get quite a nice three month holiday!

    Although your day didn’t end as you’d like, it definitely started out with promise. Your much delayed coffee morning in the garden sounds delightful. I hope your plan for back recovery is a sound one, as it won’t do to have both Tootlepedals on the injured list at the same time.

    1. Mrs T is getting better by the day so she should not be consider injured for much longer.

      The ponies are about the only things getting a holiday at the moment. 🙂

  3. Those are very fine frogs, a wonderful collection of them going about their business. The flowers, birds and bees indicate spring is in progress. I enjoy those three sisters trees. They make a nice composition.

    A warmish, sunny day here in the upper 50s. I planted several hundred bulbs for a friend.

  4. The Three Sisters look glorious – I would love to see them again covered with leaves. I also hope that the niggling pain in your back proves to be just that and improves with careful management.

  5. What a lovely day and a beautiful trip. I enjoyed the pictures of the fauna and flora you encounterd on your way. Here we al stil waiting for the sun…. probably on saterday and sunday.

  6. Despite your back problems, for which much sympathy, you managed some wonderful photographs from frogs to garden colour and your text was amusing as always.

  7. Your post is full of positive spring news with all the lovely photos of your spring flowers, frogs and bees and best of all a chat with the neighbours and a coffee outside in your garden. As long as your back springs back into place quickly all will be well with the world…well ‘our Tootlepedal alternative’ world!

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