More action

Today’s picture, taken by my sister Mary, is of  a squirrel in Regent’s Park.

This was the best day for ages, the temperature above 4º by 9 o’clock, the sun shining and only a light wind. The morning run with Dropscone and Chuck was a pleasure, if still not very speedy. Looking at the forecast of heavy rain and whistling winds to come, this was probably the last pleasant run for some time.

Chuck had business to attend to but Dropscone and I enjoyed a cup of coffee and some (quite a lot, as he had made enough for three) of Dropscone’s drop scones.

After coffee, I took a picture or two of the birds. The siskins were back with a vengeance and they are quick eaters.


That niger seed feeder had been full at ten to nine in the morning and I had to fill it again in the afternoon. I don’t know where they have been recently but maybe someone else was feeding them and has now given up.

I did spot an extraordinarily round brambling but I think that was more fluffing up than food.


I went out to take a picture of Henry Street just to show the glorious sunshine but I realise that what you see most these days is parked cars. Langholm was not designed for everyone to have a car outside their house and cluttered streets don’t let the town look its best at all.

henry street

After lunch, because I had enjoyed myself so much yesterday, I went and played golf with Dropscone again. Although I played quite well to start with, my asthma was not at its best and the second half of the round rather fell to bits. Even so, it was a pleasure to be out on the course in such lovely weather in February.

After I got home, I put the camera in the car and drove up to the White Yett to take a photo or two. I show some of them below.


ewes valley
Looking up the Ewes valley
ewes valley
Looking across the valley
The McDiarmid Memorial near the White Yett


The boundary wall on the ridge shows sheep country on the left and grouse moor with heather on the right. You will be pleased  to know that you are helping to  regenerate this grouse moor with generous public funding.


Right at the top of the hill, I found this small parliament vigorously discussing affairs of the day. I asked them whether they had put the world to rights but the general feeling was that the world was past helping at all.


road home
The road back down to Langholm

On my way back, I stopped to take a couple of pictures from the Lamb Hill which wouldn’t have been possible a year or two ago. They have clear felled the trees that used to cover the bank at Whitshiels and improved the view a lot.

Langholm Rugby Club


I had one more stop before home when I looked in at the Kilngreen to see if any of my favourite seagulls were about.




In the evening I went with Susan to play recorders in Carlisle, fortified by a rice pudding made by Mrs Tootlepedal. She had been for a hilly 8 mile bike ride via Broomholm and Claygate and back up the old A7 while I was golfing and was ready for a calorie or two herself.

I don’t usually comment on affairs outside Langholm because, of course,  if they are outside Langholm, they are not very interesting but I was so struck with an item on the business page of the Herald today that I thought I would share it. An administrator in bankruptcy from KPMG went to court to make the creditors’ committee pay the fees that he had demanded. The judge  reduced these charges from £518,000 by £77,00 on the grounds that KPMG had been unable to produce any evidence to back up many of the claimed charges. Among the charges were hours charged at £200 with a minimum time period of half an hour for any action so that a three minute telephone call was charged at £100. KPMG’s excuse was that their spreadsheet system could not identify what work was actually done to justify the charges. A KPMG spokesman, with a keen sense of humour, said that,” it was not uncommon for courts to reduce the fees of accountants and solicitors without any question of overcharging or malpractice.”  The judge remarked in passing that, “the process of administration is supposed to be for the benefit of the creditors” Obviously he has a sense of humour too. The odd thing about the whole affair is that it doesn’t seem at all likely that anyone is going to go to prison.

I leave you with a robin from this morning. It looks very like the photo I took the other day but I like robins so I have put it in anyway.


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6 thoughts on “More action

  1. Ace photos today and over the last few days, so beautiful to see the sun shining in such lovely surroundings. Cold and gray and a little bit rainy here, so it’s really nice to see some colour and remember that slowly, slowly the nights are not quite so long anymore…

  2. Wonderful robin photo and all the other scenic ones too. Shocked by the KPMG charges!
    What an energetic day you had.

  3. Gorgeous robin, nice to see Mary’s squirrel, sorry about the asthma and thanks for including the bit about outrageous fees, what a cheek some people have.

  4. What a lovely day you had yesterday… John even has his awning out! The view of the Ewes valley bathed in sunshine really makes me realise what I am missing. We are experiencing a severe winter storm at the moment… snow and high winds, the temperature was -15C when I got up this morning so it is somewhat milder than it has been!!The birds have totally forsaken the feeders, they must have followed Little Cock Robin’s example and” put their heads under their wings, poor things”.

  5. Thought you might be interested in our very good news…. Today is Groundhog Day and Wiarton Willie ( the forecasting groundhog in Ontario) did NOT see his shadow when he emerged from his burrow this morning .This signifies an early spring !!!!!
    This was just broadcast on the CBC so it must be accurate??!!!!

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