A Tootlepedal day

Today’s guest picture is another from my brother Andrew. He is still in London helping to sort out my sister’s affairs. He found time for a trip along the Thames today.

It froze over night here but the temperature soon rose above freezing as the morning went on. It didn’t show any enthusiasm for actually getting warm though, so we didn’t go to the play park in the morning.

I watched the birds and found that the light was a bit better today . . .

. . . and I was tempted out into the garden when Mrs Tootlepedal mentioned that our neighbour Margaret’s snowdrops were coming on very well. I had a look . . .

. . . and while I was out, I had a wander round our garden too. There were winter flowers and hopeful signs.

As well as having promising buds, that azalea plays host to a fine collection of moss.

I went back inside and looked out at the birds again from time to time. There was quite a selection of flying birds but they reserved their action for the moments when I wasn’t paying attention.

I took my bird camera out into the garden but I wasn’t any more successful there.

I was better at shooting sitting birds today.

After the success of yesterday’s lunch out at the Buccleuch Centre, we went a bit further today and drove up to the Whitshiels Cafe beside the rugby cub. It was still pretty chilly so we were not tempted by an outdoor seat . . .

. . . and settled for the warmth and comfort of indoors. We had an excellent meal, and then Mrs Tootlepedal, Annie and Evie walked home while I drove back and got my electric bicycle out. I wrapped up well, and went off for a pedal.

Thanks to the electrical assistance, it was a fairly quick pedal and I averaged just under 15 mph for the 21 miles to Paddockhole and back, with time to stop for a view or two on the way. It was a day of mixed sunshine and clouds. The wind turbines were not turning very vigorously so in spite of the chilly conditions and occasional cloud, it was a good day to be out.

I stopped a couple of times on my way out to the bridge across the Water of Milk at Paddockhole.

I didn’t hang about too much as it was fairly chilly, but I stopped a couple of times on my way back too.

I would have liked to have cycled a bit further, but I was getting rather cold by the time that I got back to Langholm, so I settled for a nice cup of tea and a ginger biscuit rather than adding to my meagre total of miles for the month. The walking party had got home in good order from the cafe and were making themselves snug in the house.

Annie made marmite and cheese pinwheels, hoping to have some for her journey home tomorrow. Unfortunately they tasted so good that another batch will have to be made tomorrow morning.

We had had such a good lunch at the Whitshiels Cafe, that we only needed a very light evening meal. (The disappearing pinwheels may have had something to do with that too.)

Later on, the recorder quartet in which I play assembled at our house for its first meeting of the year. Although we haven’t played for a while, we had a most enjoyable evening of music. All being well, we should have some more regular meetings in the coming months.

The flying bird of the day is a slightly out of focus chaffinch. I just couldn’t get my timing right for flying birds today.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

17 thoughts on “A Tootlepedal day

  1. Sun dappled hills and dark clouds are always favorites! Moss is such a lovely, uplifting green amid the gray and brown of the season. Our snowdrops will a little while yet. I enjoyed seeing your winter flowers, birds and buds, too.

    A low, grey and misty hills day here. Our high was 38 degrees F.

  2. The house must be quiet without Annie and Evie, we have just waved goodbye to our grandchildren..(until Easter).
    We have windmills popping up all over the countryside at the moment… are they noisy?

    1. The ones round here seem to be relatively quiet in as much as I don’t notice any sound when I cycle past them. They do make a noise though if I stop and listen when I am near a turbine and it might be different if I lived close to one.

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