A very uneventful day

Today’s guest picture comes from our friend Gavin. He found a lovely display of wild roses in the hedge on one of his recent walks. We had another fine day here today. We seem rather unusually to be getting the best of the weather in the whole of the country at the moment, not tooContinue reading “A very uneventful day”

Another day of sitting about

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother, who found some gorgeous heather when he was walking on the Cleveland Way.  Langholmites looking for heather for their heather besoms will be very jealous. It was a cool, grey morning with light winds so perfect for an early start and some long distance cycling.  Encouraged by someContinue reading “Another day of sitting about”

Out and about

Today’s picture, sent to me by my sister Susan, shows a delightful coffee cup she encountered at a Turkish restaurant. No dodgy handles there. Today was a day without complications. Got up, went cycling, went to bed. There was bit more to it than that but that was the basic shape of the day. TheContinue reading “Out and about”

Another day, another hundred

Today’s picture is two pictures, contributed by my sister Mary, from the South Bank in London where, stealing an idea from Paris, they have created a beach… …and added some beach huts too. The day was forecast to be foggy and still and, once again, the forecast was right. It was sunny in our gardenContinue reading “Another day, another hundred”

A nice cup of tea (red bush) and a slice of cake

No flower today as I forgot to take the camera into the garden and the flowers are disappearing because of the cold nights anyway. I might have to start having a bird of the day soon. I had a very quiet day today what with it being Sunday and myself being somewhat tired. In theContinue reading “A nice cup of tea (red bush) and a slice of cake”